Gov. Jerry Brown's approval rating climbs to high of 59%, poll finds

By Melanie Mason - Los Angeles Times

SACRAMENTO -- Nearly 60% of registered voters approve of Gov. Jerry Brown's job performance, according to a poll released Wednesday.

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To My Fellow Citizens of California

To my fellow citizens of California:

Four years ago, I asked that you support my candidacy for governor based on my bringing an “insider’s knowledge but an outsider’s mind” to fix the budget breakdown and overcome Sacramento’s poisonous partisanship. Now, four years later, a $27 billion deficit has become a surplus and our credit rating and public confidence are rising. State budgets are not only balanced but they are on time and free of the rancor of past years.

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Jerry Brown, version 2.0: 'California's the healthiest it's been in a decade'

Rory Carroll - 

Once known for his ambition and environmentalism, the governor has stabilised California's economy and embraced pragmatism.

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Jerry Brown holds huge lead in re-election poll

By David Siders - Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown’s public approval rating has surged to a new high, and he is the overwhelming early favorite to win re-election next year, according to a new Field Poll.

Nearly six in 10 registered voters – 58 percent – approve of the job Brown is doing, up seven percentage points from July, according to the poll. Brown leads his closest Republican challengers, former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado and Twin Peaks Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, by more than 40 percentage points.

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Gov. Brown sees his ambitious agenda as a template for nation

Anthony York - Los Angeles Times

For the first two years of his late-in-life second act as governor, Jerry Brown focused almost exclusively on California's woeful budget situation.

Now, with the immediate crisis having passed after a hard-won tax increase, Brown is back trying to change the world, like the Jerry Brown of yesteryear.

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Gov. Jerry Brown sails into history books

By Carla Marinucci - San Francisco Chronicle

Jerry Brown - who once warned that the riptides of California politics should be navigated by paddling "a little bit on the left, then you paddle a little bit on the right" - is sailing into the history books this week and becoming California's longest serving governor.

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Gov. Jerry Brown wields strong hand in legislative session, using clout and large Democratic majority to score key victories

By David Siders and Laurel Rosenhall - Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown largely avoided publicly engaging in legislative matters unrelated to his own policy priorities during his first two years in office.

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Jerry Brown's Tough-Love California Miracle

By Tim Dickinson - Rolling Stone
August 29, 2013 7:00 AM ET

As wind turbines spin like massive, inverted egg-beater blades against the bluest California sky, Jerry Brown steps into the sun. Since he took office in 2011, Brown's hawklike brow has been cemented in a scowl as he battled to stave off bankruptcy for the Golden State. But as he high-steps to the microphone today, the 75-year-old governor is loose and smiling. Soon he's riffing about his first stint in Sacramento in the 1970s as "Governor Moonbeam," joking of the nickname, "I earned it with a lot of hard work!"

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Brown Cheered in Second Act, at Least So Far

By ADAM NAGOURNEY - New York Times

LOS ANGELES — When Jerry Brown became governor of California again, three years ago, this state was on a steep decline, crushed by budget deficits, deep spending cuts, governmental paralysis, high unemployment and a collapsing housing market. California, a place that once symbolized promise and opportunity, seemed caught in an intractable reversal of fortune.

But these days, Mr. Brown — who at 75 is the oldest governor in the nation and about to become the longest-serving governor in the history of California — is enjoying a degree of success and authority he and his opponents could scarcely have imagined when he returned to Sacramento to begin a second tour as governor in 2010.

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BART strike averted with Gov. Jerry Brown

By Sergio Quintana and Lilian Kim, ABC 7

OAKLAND, Calif (KGO) -- The contentious BART negotiations ultimately led to an intervention by Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown stepped in at the last minute to delay a transit strike for, at least, the next seven days. The development means BART trains will be running Monday morning.

Brown eventually called for a board of inquiry. A public board of inquiry is an official review of events or actions. In the order, Brown named a board of investigators for a seven-day inquiry into the contract dispute that threatened to shut the transit agency down on Monday.

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