Worst AG? Not So Fast

The social media contingent of eMeg's minions is going crazy for a report released today by openly-conservative attorney Hans Bader (who?), whose company, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, counts Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Coal companies among its list of key donors. (CNBC reamed Bader in a recent interview for his ludicrous claim that President Obama 'blocked' efforts to clean up the BP oil spill.)

The report names Jerry the worst attorney general in the nation, followed by Connecticut's Richard Bluementhal and a list that consists exclusively of other Democrats, most of whom, like Brown, are seeking office this November. SFGate was quick to release a blog post shedding light on Bader and his company, despite eMeg's efforts to circulate a draft of the report within her base.

Sorry, guys, you'll have to try a lot harder than a bogus list by a flagrantly right-wing powerhouse to offer anything convincing. In the mean time, don't forget about what Jerry's AG office has accomplished in my first two weeks with the campaign alone.


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