The Importance of Truth

Call me young and idealistic, but I wanted to work for a political campaign because I care about issues. While pension policy doesn't exactly get my heart racing, I'm passionate about immigration reform, our school system, LGBT equality, and civil liberties. I believe Jerry Brown is the best candidate to steer California toward a better future because my personal philosophies align with his vision.

Not all voters have the time to study candidates' records. Often times, large segments of the population must rely on the limited sound-bytes they're exposed to during commercial breaks or on a banner ad. I get that, and I also understand that sometimes campaigns must present information about their opponents.

At the very least, these fellow citizens, people who want to exercise their right to vote but haven't pored through the nitty-gritty nuances of each issue, should be dignified with the truth. Not affording them the opportunity to choose their next leader based on facts defeats the purpose of democracy, goes against the very ideals our country was founded upon.

Which is why I'm pretty nauseated by the Whitman camp's refusal to remove advertisements that simply aren't accurate. Forget about it being an insult to Jerry Brown. It's an insult to Californians who deserve to make informed choices.

In just one week, the Associated Press, the LA Times, the San Jose Mercury News,, and the California Department of Finance - all non-partisan organizations - exposed blatant lies in Meg Whitman's advertisements and campaign messages.

As a former journalism student, I know that the media reports the news with the main goal of telling the audience the truth. Reporters must leave their personal biases behind. In this case, neutral publications have pursued the facts, and found them at odds with what's being churned out in massive quantities by eMeg et. al.

And here's the most appalling part: Even after each of these outlets released their stories, the Whitman campaign still won't to pull the false ads. Need proof? Check out a video below that shows our opponent vehemently standing by her lies.

Jerry has built his career in politics, and when you spend your life in front of the camera, you're opening yourself up to being called a lot of things. But one thing you can never call Jerry Brown is a liar. He is a straight-talking, fair-playing guy. That's one of the reasons I admire him so much.

Our most recent ad speaks to this. No distorted reports from two decades ago. No unfounded attacks. No flip-flops. Just Jerry, facing the camera, telling voters straight-on how he will guide our state.

Fellow Californians are entitled to know the truth. We deserve better than what we're getting from Whitman.

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