Rocking The Vote, By Mail Or In Person

Today marks an exciting milestone in election-land: Vote-by-mail ballots were officially dropped in mailboxes throughout the state.

Voting by mail is easy; any resident can do it. Simply visit the Secretary of State's website and fill out the vote-by-mail application. Once it's processed, you'll receive your ballot in the mail and return it any time between now and November 2. You can also visit your polling station in person with your vote-by-mail ballot and hand it in on Election Day, saving you the hassle of waiting in line. 

If you're like me, voting by mail will never compare to actually visiting the polls and getting that 'I voted!' sticker to wear proudly on that first Tuesday in November. Click here for a list of elections offices by county; each county has its own website, and most of the websites allow you to search for your polling place.

And, of course, October 18 is the big deadline for registering to vote. That's just twelve measly days from now, so if you haven't filled out your application yet, don't waste another minute. You can follow the easy steps online here, or pick it up at the library or post office. Contrary to what you may think, you don't need a California driver's license to register here; just a local address (I voted in 2008 using my Connecticut driver's license and a California address).

Be sure to visit our Facebook event page to RSVP to register to vote and share the news with your friends. The more we can convince to exercise their basic constitutional American right, the better. Here's to an election day rife with Jerry supporters!

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