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Oakland - After calling her an unqualified elitist who represents the third term of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Insurance Commissioner and former Republican Gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner stopped just short of endorsing Meg Whitman today, opting instead to issue a blanket endorsement of the Republican ticket.

"Meg Whitman may find it easy to change with the political winds, but I guess Steve Poizner doesn't," said Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford. "Poizner knows he was right about Meg Whitman the first time, and his tepid endorsement should give even committed Republicans second thoughts about their chronically dishonest candidate."

Here's what Poizner really believes about Meg Whitman:

As recently as June 8, Steve Poizner criticized Meg Whitman's view of the Governor's office: "Meg Whitman keeps saying we just need to run California like a business ... Well, it's not a board room in Sacramento. We're not running for CEO. We're running for governor." [Los Angeles Times, 6/8/10]


WHITMAN IS ONLY A "BRANDING EXPERT." In May, Poizner pointed out a stark difference between himself and Whitman calling her a "marketing and branding expert," while he was an entrepreneur. [Kazakoff, San Francisco Chronicle, 5/6/10]


RUNNING CALIFORNIA NOT LIKE RUNNING A BUSINESS. While Whitman says that California needs to be run like a business, Poizner says it can't: "Running the state of California is not like running a business -- you can't hire, you can't fire. I'm not running for CEO of California." [Kazakoff, San Francisco Chronicle, 5/6/10]


WHITMAN'S PLAN FOR CALIFORNIA "OVERLY SIMPLISTIC." Last fall, Poizner's campaign characterized Whitman's plan for solving California's budget problems as "overly simplistic." [Sacramento Bee, 9/23/09]


A POLITICAL "ROOKIE," WHITMAN WOULD REPRESENT ARNOLD'S THIRD TERM. In the last GOP debate, Poizner called Whitman a political "rookie ... with close ties to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street." His ads characterized a Meg Whitman governorship "as representing ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger's third term,'" and said, "He was a rookie, too, who didn't have real clear principles, and they kind of changed all the time." [CaliforniaWatch.org, 5/3/10; San Francisco Chronicle, 4/7/10; Politico, 5/28/10]


POIZNER SAID WHITMAN IS "ELITIST," CAN'T RELATE TO WORKING FOLKS. Steve Poizner contrasted himself as a "'down-to-earth, in-the-trenches kind of person,' Poizner said, ‘Meg's trying to buy the (election) and there's an elitist kind of thing going on.'" He later said, "The working folks in California, I don't think, necessarily is something Meg Whitman fully and completely understands how to relate to." [San Jose Mercury News, 3/26/10; New York Times, 5/3/10]


POIZNER SAID "FROM GOLDMAN SACHS TO PORN, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY." Poizner says that Whitman has tried to "buy the election from her living room." Poizner called Whitman's Goldman Sachs investments "massive." And in a web ad, Poizner pointed to eBay's sale of pornographic items: "From Goldman Sachs to porn, it's all about the money." [CNN.com, 6/8/10; CaliforniaWatch.org, 5/3/10; San Jose Mercury News, 5/23/10]

WHITMAN HAD "MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST" AND MANY PEOPLE WERE "DAMAGED." Poizner said that Whitman's now-illegal IPO spinning deals with Goldman Sachs created a "massive conflict of interest," and "Lots of people got damaged by Goldman Sachs and Meg Whitman is right in the middle of it." [CaliforniaWatch.org, 5/3/10]

"CORRUPT" PRACTICE SHOWED "TERRIBLE" JUDGMENT. The spinning scandal, which Poizner pointed out was labeled "corrupt" by other Republicans, showed that Whitman had "terrible" judgment. "‘You really don't get this, Meg,' Poizner said, and noted that the chair of a congressional committee that investigated the "spinning" scandal called the practice corrupt. ‘It was a huge conflict of interest ... the only reason you paid the money is because they sued you,' he also said, as well as, ‘Your judgment was terrible.'" [CaliforniaWatch.org, 5/3/10]

LOTS OF PEOPLE DAMAGED, AND MEG IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. Goldman Sachs profited handsomely off the financial collapse. Poizner said "She has massive investments in Goldman Sachs ... made huge amounts of money from the collapse of the real estate market ... Did she inform people that she had a massive conflict of interest? ... Lots of people got damaged by Goldman Sachs and Meg Whitman is right in the middle of it." [CaliforniaWatch.org, 5/3/10]

WHITMAN "ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNED" FOR GOLDMAN SACHS BAILOUT. While Whitman was working for the McCain-Palin campaign, according to Steve Poizner, she "actively campaigned for taxpayer funded bailout to save Goldman Sachs from going bankrupt." Goldman Sachs, Poizner said, "made huge amounts of money from the collapse of the housing market." [Partial Transcript, Second Republican Gubernatorial Primary Debate, 5/2/10]

EVEN "CONVICTS REGRET THEIR CRIMES." In a turnaround, Whitman claimed to regret the IPO spinning scandal she was involved in. The Poizner campaign noted that "there are several convicts that regret their crimes, but it doesn't make them any less guilty." [Sacramento Bee, 4/28/10]

WHITMAN PROFITED AT THE EXPENSE OF CALIFORNIANS AFTER "UNETHICAL," "NOW ILLEGAL" DEALS. The Poizner campaign said, "Meg Whitman's stock spinning was unethical, is now illegal, and she is going to have to answer for the fact that she made a fortune from Goldman Sachs at the expense of financially suffering Californians." [San Jose Mercury News, 4/27/10]

WHITMAN "ENTRENCHED" WITH GOLDMAN SACHS INVESTED IN "CALIFORNIA'S FAILURE." The Poizner campaign said that Californians shouldn't trust Whitman, because "she is entrenched with a company financially invested on California's failure." [San Francisco Chronicle, 4/22/10]

WHITMAN REFUSED TO RELEASE TAX RETURNS BECAUSE OF "UNETHICAL TIES TO GOLDMAN SACHS." Team Poizner thought that Whitman would never release her tax returns. "[W]e still do not believe Meg Whitman will ever release her tax returns. With all her unethical ties to Goldman Sachs, Meg Whitman will likely want to hide her tax returns despite that fact she said she'd release 25 years worth of returns." [San Francisco Chronicle, 4/21/10]

POIZNER SAID WHITMAN'S EXPENSIVE CAMPAIGN FILLED WITH "FALSE, NEGATIVE ATTACKS." Meg Whitman has spent millions of dollars on false, negative attacks aimed at Poizner and Jerry Brown. Poizner has called her whole campaign a "staged affair" and noted that "she's clearly trying to buy" the election. [Associated Press, 6/5/10]

WHITMAN'S CAMPAIGN BUILT ON "FALSE NEGATIVE ATTACKS." Poizner questioned Whitman's campaign spending as excessive. "You have to ask yourself why on earth is Meg Whitman spending that extreme amount of money, especially when early on much of that was these false, negative attacks," he said. [San Diego Union-Tribune 6/6/10]

WHITMAN IS "TRYING TO DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM THE TRUTH." Poizner lashed out at Whitman because of her bogus campaign ads. "'Much of her campaign is false. It's negative, and she's trying to distract people from the truth," said Poizner. Poizner fired back, claiming that Whitman's ad is a baseless, false attack. ‘This is the worst economic crisis in 160 years and people are looking for strong leadership and not these false, negative ads that Meg Whitman continues to spend millions and millions of dollars on,' Poizner said." [KABC-7, 6/2/10]

WHITMAN "SPENDING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO LIE." In a memo to reporters, Team Poizner said that Whitman is "spending whatever it takes to lie about Steve Poizner. ... Never before in U.S. history has someone so blatantly tried to buy an election." [San Francisco Chronicle, 4/7/10]

WHITMAN "CROSSED LINE" TO "SPREAD CAMPAIGN PROPAGANDA." Spending millions of dollars, the Whitman campaign decided it could send video news releases to television stations around the state. Poizner criticized the lavishness of her spending, saying she had "crossed another line ... by spending her millions to spread campaign propaganda." [Los Angeles Daily News, 4/18/10]


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