Nurses Rally Outside Whitman's Home



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This is real. A swarm of eleven-hundred angry nurses wearing red scrubs descended on eMeg's Atherton abode today, toting 'Nurses say NO to Whitman!' signs and causing a ruckus amidst an otherwise peaceful neighborhood of McMansions.

The nurses, bussed in throughout the state, are angry - and rightfully so. eMeg has been bombarding them with advertising and mailings for weeks, seeking to divide them from their union leadership. But members of the California Nurses Association aren't fooled.

At the very least, they want to meet the woman in person and foster a real conversation. Still, eMeg refuses, opting instead to pollute their mailboxes with more glossy pamphlets.

The California Nurses Association is also behind the Queen Meg movement on Facebook. Catchy stuff, but the campaign can't take credit.


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