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Guest post from our campaign manager, Steve Glazer, who took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to share his reflections on this summer's efforts. Tip: I highly recommend following Steve on Twitter - as someone new to the art of tweeting, he has some fantastic things to say.

As the summer comes to a close, I wanted to update you on the progress of our campaign. The enthusiasm in the campaign office is very high as we are in a strong position to win this election.

We have withstood a barrage of negative advertising by Meg Whitman and her allies. Since the primary, she has spent more than $20 million on TV and radio ads – mostly negative – to little effect. At the start of the General Election in June, we were even in the polls. Today – almost three months later – we remain tied in both private and public surveys.

A survey we completed three days ago found most people who have seen a Whitman ad don’t believe her claims are true. When we asked whether these ads have improved or worsened their opinions of the candidates for Governor, the results were as follows:

Attorney General Jerry Brown: 6% improved; 4% worsened; 58% unchanged

Meg Whitman: 8% improved; 27% worsened; 31% unchanged

In more than 30 years of working on campaigns, I have never seen a candidate’s ads have such a negative effect on that same candidate.

To some, this may not be a surprise. Whitman has inundated the airwaves since September 2009, and most of her ads in the Primary and General Elections have been negative. Independent analysts have stated repeatedly that she lies in her ads.

In short, voters are numbed to her simplistic sloganeering and falsehoods and have stopped believing what she says.

Our campaign, on the other hand, has used the summer months to lay out a clear agenda for how Jerry as Governor will work to stimulate job growth, protect the environment, reform the public pension system, and improve education. (You can read more about Jerry's plans here.)

Jerry is endorsed by leading organizations in public safety, education, health care, civil rights, worker protection, and the environment. More than $25 million has been raised, and most of it has been saved for our upcoming advertising push.

We are part of an intensive grassroots effort to get more than two million Democratic, non-partisan and thoughtful Republican voters to the polls. An army of volunteers is knocking on doors and making phone calls to remind Jerry supporters about the importance of the election.

We enter the fall campaign better-equipped and better-supported than all of our planning benchmarks. Please stay connected to our campaign through our webpage and e-mails, and by following Jerry on Facebook and Twitter.

Many thanks for all of your support.


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