Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - Northern California Latino community leaders and elected officials today joined together to announce their support for Jerry Brown's campaign for Governor and condemn Meg Whitman's double talk on Latino and immigration issues.

"Jerry has a record of advocating for California's Latino and immigrant communities," said Assembly Member Alberto Torrico (D-Fremont). "He marched with Cesar Chavez and the farm workers for safe working conditions, banned ‘El Cortito,' created a diverse administration to reflect a diverse state, and has fought for decades for working people as Governor, Mayor and Attorney General."

"As Mayor and Attorney General, Jerry has been a true crime fighter, committed to keeping our neighborhoods safe," said Assembly Member Joe Coto (D-San Jose). "As Mayor, he cut Oakland's crime rate; and as Attorney General, he's using the latest technologies to crack down on criminal street gangs, catch killers, protect consumers from fraudsters, and protect Latinos, immigrants, and all working people from exploitation and abuse."

"Jerry also understands that our immigrants are vital to our economy," said Henry Rosales, Executive Director of Spanish Speaking Citizens' Foundation. "I commend Attorney General Brown for supporting comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform, as well as educational and economic opportunities for our undocumented college students."

"Jerry Brown has a plan to get California working again and the experience necessary to get the job done," said San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos. "His focus on job creation, pension reform, environmental protection, and supporting our schools, is just what we need."

"Meg Whitman, has Pete Wilson leading her campaign, refuses to support comprehensive immigration reform, and wants to shut our undocumented kids out of our state and community colleges," added Assembly Member Torrico. "Now she has the nerve to say she's a friend to Latinos; but we know the truth. Friends don't advocate rounding up and prosecuting undocumented families in all our cities. Meg Whitman has. Friends don't cynically bash our immigrant families to win a Primary Election. Meg Whitman did. Friends don't want to kick undocumented kids out of college. Meg Whitman does."

"For Latinos, the choice is clear," said Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez (D-Shafter). "Jerry Brown has a record of supporting and respecting our community. "Meg Whitman failed to hire a single Latino executive out of 366 hires at eBay's Silicon Valley offices from 2000-2005. Then she hired Pete Wilson to run her campaign and decided to engage in immigrant bashing to win the GOP Primary. Meg Whitman's record and campaign prove she does not support or respect our community."

As Governor, Jerry Brown enacted laws to protect workers, and signed into law the Agricultural Relations Act, giving farm workers the right to organize. Brown also made Cruz Reynoso the first Latino ever to serve in the Court of Appeals, and went on to appoint him to the California Supreme Court. Governor Brown had the most diverse gubernatorial administration in the country, including naming Mario Obledo Secretary of Health and Welfare - the first Latino in a modern-day California cabinet.

In 1980, Governor Brown signed a groundbreaking law (SB 1874) that requires employers to provide information to workers on toxic substances produced or handled in their workplace, including pesticides and fertilizers. This was a key part of Governor Brown's effort to create a safer environment for workers.

As Attorney General, Jerry Brown took legal action against a number of companies that exploit and abuse their workers and violate California's labor laws. In March 2010, based on investigations in 2009, the Attorney General's office filed suit against a farm labor contractor for paying less than minimum wage and not paying overtime, as well as committing "potentially deadly" worker safety violations by neglecting to provide rest breaks, potable drinking water or shade to field workers.

Elected officials at today's event included California State Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez (D-Shafter), Assembly Member Alberto Torrico (D-Fremont), Assembly Member Joe Coto (D-San Jose), San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, San Pablo City Council Members Arturo Cruz and Cecilia Valdez, former Richmond City Council Member John Marquez, Oakland School Board Member Noel Gallo, Hayward School Board Member Jesus Armas.

Community leaders at today's event included Gilda Gonzalez, Executive Director of Unity Council; Henry Rosales, Executive Director of Spanish Speaking Citizens' Foundation; Edith Arenas, President of Hispanic MBAs; Luis Echegoyen, Community Activist; Giovanni Gonzalez, President of Latinos a Morir; and Mickie Luna, Chair, California Democratic Party's Chicano/ Latino Caucus.


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