Fake Ad, Fake Plans, Fake Candidate

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - Fake ad. Fake plans. Fake candidate.
Fake Ad
Meg Whitman is fond of quoting Jerry Brown, but what's the second sentence she left out of her latest televised lie?

"There is a tremendous skepticism out there. People are looking for someone they can trust who really knows what needs to be done and can communicate that he's about to do it," Brown continued in the 1996 CNN interview.
It was true then and it's true now.
This ad is another example of Meg Whitman taking statements out of context. Her shameless advertising continues to reflect on her desire to fool voters rather than speak the truth.
Fake Plans
What does Meg Whitman have to offer? A pamphlet with more pictures than real proposals. A plan to cut taxes on the wealthiest Californians that will personally save Whitman tens of millions but cost the state billions, and an "immigration plan" she flip-flops on every day. No wonder people don't trust politicians.

Fake Candidate
After failing to vote for 28 years and not so much as expressing a public opinion for most of her adult life, Whitman is suddenly the candidate with all the answers. In reality, she's a marketing creation propped up by legions of political consultants, policy ghostwriters and image-makers.
A Candidate with Real Ideas and a Record of Accomplishment
What does Jerry Brown offer? A record of success - 1.9 million new jobs for Californians and $16 billion in tax relief as Governor, new residents and lower crime in Oakland as Mayor.
As Governor, Brown implemented the "Cogeneration Plan," which led to thousands of megawatts of new energy from cogeneration. Brown's leadership also made California a leader in alternative energy and energy conservation.
Brown's "Investment in Economic Strength" plan led to the first industry-UC jointly funded research program for the development of micro-electronics technology that kept California on the cutting edge of the electronics industry.
The "Investment in People" plan expanded vocational training programs, combining the power of government and industry to retrain unemployed Californians.
As Mayor, Brown implemented the "10K Plan" to bring 10,000 residents and 6,000 housing units to downtown Oakland.
Jerry Brown has a plan to create 500,000 new jobs in the green economy. He'll fix the budget process. Jerry Brown will get California working again.
Californians deserve better than a fake ad, fake plans, and a fake candidate.

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