Brown Campaign Calls on Whitman to Immediately Pull Debunked Attack Ad

Brown for Governor Campaign

OAKLAND, CA – With independent analysis by both the San Jose Mercury News and the Los Angeles Times proving conclusively that Jerry Brown reduced taxes for Californians and that Meg Whitman's latest attack ad is false, Brown's campaign called on Whitman to withdraw the ad immediately.

 "The facts are clear - Jerry Brown reduced taxes as governor," said Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford. "There is simply no excuse for the Whitman campaign to continue running ads that she knows are false."
Whitman's seventh negative TV ad of the general election features clips from a 1992 debate and quotes a CNN report now proven to have incorrectly calculated taxes paid by Californians between 1975 and 1983, the years when Brown served as Governor.
Independent analysis of the numbers done by both the Mercury News and the L.A. Times show that taxes per $100 of income declined over Brown's tenure from $7.03 when Brown became governor to $6.83 in Brown's final year in office. The California Department of Finance confirmed the Times' analysis.
When asked if the campaign would stop running the ad, a Whitman spokesman replied "That's ridiculous" and then refused to comment on the facts presented.
"What's ridiculous is that a candidate for governor would so willfully ignore the truth," Clifford said. "With the state facing a $20 billion deficit, the people deserve a governor who can be honest. We just can't trust Meg Whitman."

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