Whitman Goes on John and Ken, Comes Back with New Positions on Key Issues

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Oakland – After dodging their questions for weeks, Meg Whitman finally appeared with conservative radio hosts John and Ken on KFI in Los Angeles, but she continued to flip-flop on key issues for California.
“Meg Whitman went on the radio to defend her past flip-flop and ended up back-flipping into more,” said Brown Campaign Manager Steven Glazer. “She gets a perfect 10 for political contortions, gyrations and summersaults. Her lack of truthfulness and her failure to talk straight to voters in English and Spanish is very troubling.”

After months of calling California’s landmark climate change law AB32 a “job-killer," Whitman refused to take a firm position on Proposition 23 – which would repeal AB32. “In all likelihood, I will vote no” on 23 Whitman said, seconds after calling for a suspension of AB32. The statement stands in stark contrast to her earlier assurances in the Ventura County Star that she favored an outright repeal. Recent polls show widespread support for protecting the environment.
“Political opportunism at its worst,” said Glazer. “Californians deserve leadership and honesty, not poll-driven pandering.”
Whitman also offered an emphatic “Yes” when asked if she would lay-off 40,000 state workers, a position quite a bit different than she’s held in the past – saying she favored reducing the state workforce through attrition.
Whitman went on the show in large part to defend her campaign taking one position on immigration in English, and another position in Spanish,  and she promptly announced a third position – uninformed.
Whitman published an op-ed in Spanish language newspapers claiming she and Brown shared similar positions on immigration. Wednesday she told John and Ken that she didn’t know Brown’s immigration position when she “wrote” the op-ed.
 “Whitman and her campaign team – which is staffed at a presidential level – monitors every statement put out by our candidate,” Glazer said. “To claim to be that uninformed at this point in the race is preposterous.”
Glazer called on Whitman to drop her misleading ads and tell Californians what she believes once and for all.
“There are too many serious challenges facing our state to waste time sorting through Meg Whitman’s discarded beliefs,” said Glazer. “Californians need answers, not more consultant-driven pabulum. Jerry Brown has a record of accomplishment, a consistent philosophy of frugality and honesty, and he’ll tell the truth even if Whitman never does.”

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