While I Was Away...

Back from a twelve-day trek through Amsterdam and Prague and fighting off a severe case of jet-lag. Through my fogginess, spending the day catching up on what I missed in Campaign Land:

  • In keeping with his tradition of quirky, spontaneous gestures, Jerry publicly invited Meg to have tea with him and discuss her plan for California at his Oakland Hills home. When she declined, he invited her to a Fourth of July barbecue. Not surprisingly, her camp wasn't amused. (But I was!)
  • More and more folks in the blogosphere are pointing to Meg's 'lost years' as eBay CEO in 2005, 2006, and 2007...troubling years for the company, eventually leading to her ousting.
  • Despite Whitman's Spanish-language ad blitz dominating airwaves, Latino voters aren't interested. In fact, Latino leaders from Southern California publicly endorsed Jerry, citing many of his past achievements that benefited their community, at an event in LA.
  • The opposition released yet another attack ad laden with factual inaccuracies.
  • On a non campaign-related note, Oakland is making national headlines for the sentencing of a BART officer who shot and killed a civilian early last year. The victim has become somewhat of a martyr for racially-motivated crimes. It's an interesting case worth paying attention to; the outcome will undoubtedly have poignant implications. (Necessary Jerry plug: Despite this hideous event, during his tenure as AG, statewide crime has decreased for three years in a row and counting.)

Politics as usual, with the unusual peppered in courtesy of our dynamic and unique candidate.


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