Where's Meg Whitman?

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Oakland– It's been 35 days since the start of the General Election, where has Meg Whitman been? Not answering questions from the voters or the press, not anywhere really.

While Attorney General Jerry Brown has done 26 public appearances or media interviews, Meg Whitman has done nine. While Brown has taken the tough questions about the race and the future of California, Whitman refuses to talk. While Brown has accepted 10 debate invitations from nonpartisan groups around the state,Whitman will agree to only one in October.

Maybe she doesn't want to answer questions about the six-figure settlement eBay shareholders were on the hook for when Whitman assaulted an employee. 

Maybe she doesn't want to explain why her campaign continues to run TV commercials that factcheck.org says are lies.

Or perhaps she just can't explain why she wants to give the wealthiest Californians a $9 billion-dollar tax cut at a time when California is struggling to pay its bills.

Whatever the reason, its time for Meg Whitman to come out from behind her expensive, dishonest TV campaign and answer five simple questions:

  • Why does she continue to run ads that are proven false, deceptive, and misleading by journalists and independent analysts?
  • Why did a verbal disagreement turn into a $200,000 settlement for an eBay subordinate?
  • Does she think that eBay shareholders have a right to view her secret settlement?
  • Does she think that eBay stock dropping by 54% in her last three full years at eBay justified her $120 million in compensation in her last year at the company?
  • How can she oppose providing services to undocumented workers and their children and still oppose Proposition 187, which tried to do exactly that?

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