Wear Your Badges With Pride

If you're as addicted to Facebook as I am, you've probably noticed the campaign has recently rolled out a fun new feature.

We've partnered with SF-based Momentus Media to bring you, our socially-networked supporters, themed badges and polls to interact with, post on your profiles, and share with your friends.

The Jerry Brown button, rainbow flag, and clean energy windmill have garnered us thousands of new fans. The poll we unveiled earlier this week has provided us with insight as to what messages best resonate among our audience. Such successes mean we'll continue to reveal new badges and polls in the coming weeks.

So what can you do ensure these applications spread far and wide?

First and foremost, post each badge to your news stream. Check Jerry's Facebook page frequently to see if we've released any new ones, and when we do, get on board. You'll have the option to share with a limited number of friends, so be strategic with who you choose. I tend to share with people who live in California, care about issues, and have a large pool of Facebook friends - the most potent concoction for virality.

Next, when we release a poll, respond, and post news of your response on your Facebook wall so your friends can weigh in, too. Poll results provide crucial information for us, so the more participants we bring in, the better our campaign can work to meet the needs of its fanbase.

Finally, it seems simple enough, but be sure to click that trusted Facebook 'like' button beneath each badge and poll Jerry posts on his own wall. Many people don't realize that the more 'likes' a post gets, the higher it will appear in your friends' news feeds.

We also want to hear from you! Do you have an idea for an awesome badge or interesting poll? Please leave suggestions in the comments section. As always, this is a group effort, and some of the best ideas come from supporters themselves.



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