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Guest post from Felix, one of our volunteer coordinators, who helped organize a rally at UC Davis this past Tuesday in anticipation of the first debate.

As the dust settles from the UC Davis debate, media commentary has focused predominantly on what was said by each of the candidates, and on whether Jerry Brown or his opponent came out on top. What this otherwise in-depth analysis lacks is any coverage of Jerry’s spectacular grassroots showing.

When I arrived at the Mondavi Center on Tuesday seven hours before the debate was due to start, the UC Davis Student Democrats were already stockpiling rally signs and water for the crowd of hundreds about to brave 103-degree heat to show their support for Jerry.

By 5:00, a crowd of 150 students, Davis residents, and local politicians turned the little grassy quad opposite the debate site red, black, and white with Jerry Brown for Governor signs.

As a Brown campaign volunteer coordinator, I think the biggest coup of September 28 wasn’t Jerry’s admirable performance in the debate, but the obvious indication of our candidate's widespread popular support.

Having seen such an incredible turnout at a rally planned by students that didn’t cost a cent, I can't wait for even more big supporter events as the election approaches.

These include our grassroots events in early October: A rally in Fresno following the debate tomorrow, where Jerry will speak, and Jerry Brown’s Day of Action on October 9, an unprecedented state-wide effort of cooperation and coordination among our base.

We hope you can join for one or both (sign up on Facebook, it's easy!), and stay tuned for more opportunities to come out for Jerry throughout the rest of the month.

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