These Lies Are Getting Really Old

Camp eMeg must be running out of material, because their latest ad simply recycles a slew of stale false claims against Jerry.

The spot, dubbed “Hide Your Wallet,” is a misguided attempt to convince voters that Jerry will raise taxes once elected – even though he’s stated in earnest, numerous times, looking directly at the camera, that he would implement “no new taxes without voter approval.”

In her usual habit of distorting the truth until it crumbles into oblivion, the ad presents a series of inaccurate statements about Jerry’s record on taxes. My regular readers know I feel pretty strongly about presenting voters with the truth, and this is abysmal ad is no exception.

The piece opens claiming Jerry called Prop 13, the state’s landmark limitation on property taxes, a “fraud and a rip off.” But it neglects to mention how as governor, once the proposition passed, Jerry enthusiastically implemented the will of the people. Even Howard Jarvis, Prop 13′s author, voted for Jerry for re-election.

Meanwhile, Pete Wilson, Meg’s own campaign chairman, vehemently opposed Prop 13. But she decided to skirt that little detail in her ad.

The spot goes on to declare that as governor, Jerry raised the gas tax and pushed for higher taxes overall. Did she mention that Republicans throughout the state nearly unanimously approved the tax increase, which turned out to be a measly two cents? Of course not. As for higher taxes, Jerry proposed a tiny 0.25% sales tax increase in order to increase funding for prisons and police officers. A measure which the citizens of California themselves approved before implementation.

Enter Pete Wilson again, who’s quickly becoming the man of the hour here. When Wilson was governor in the nineties, he signed a bill allowing for a $4 billion gas tax increase, and a $1.5 billion sales tax increase. In fact, our opponent herself has publicly stated that she embraces the actions Wilson took to increase taxes as governor.

But none of this matters in Meg ad-land, where convenient truth aversions reign supreme.

The commercial then criticizes Jerry for attempting to raise property taxes in Oakland when he was mayor. In actuality, all tax increases were approved by voters…and they ultimately benefited the city’s school system.

The ad’s closing line serves the audience a bald-faced lie that out-whops all other Whitman whoppers: A claim that, if elected, Jerry will ask voters for more new taxes. Does he not state over and over again, in almost every ad of his own, that he will implement no new taxes without voter approval?

It baffles me that Meg can so blatantly look truth in the eye and say, “Sorry, you don’t matter to me.” Clearly, her latest attack on Jerry does just that, and it’s not fair to voters. For a more in-depth deconstruction of these 30 seconds of fiction, visit our Meg-A-Myths website and take a look at the most recent article.

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