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Oakland - Meg Whitman released an iPhone app today that allows her campaign to follow the movements of potential supporters by connecting to the GPS in their phones. Like her ads, the small businesses featured in her ads, and Whitman herself, the app is from somewhere else - in this case a company with offices in Canada, Whitman's home state of New York, and Georgia. Brown campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford released the following statement:

California is the home of Apple (founded when Jerry Brown was governor), and countless app developers, but it appears only a company based 3000 miles away could meet Whitman's campaign needs. Two million Californians out of work, thousands of California companies looking for business and trying to stay afloat, but Meg Whitman chose to take her business to Canada.

Whether it's jobs for Californians, experience cutting spending or building on California's environmental leadership, there is a vast gulf between what Meg Whitman says and what Meg Whitman does.

Californians deserve a governor they can trust - one with a record of helping the state create 1.9 million jobs. Jerry Brown is the only candidate in this race with real experience to get California working again.



Meg Whitman launched a new part of her jobs plan today - an iPhone application from her campaign, made by a company with offices in Ottawa, Canada, New York, and Georgia. Earlier this week, Whitman used one of her ads to highlight EasySale, as a small business she took credit for creating while at eBay. The problem: EasySale is a Texas company and isn't even registered to do business in California. From her flash-in-the-pan technology, to her ads, from her direct mail program to her ad producers, Meg Whitman is all about out-sourcing.

WHITMAN IPHONE APP: MADE IN CANADA. Today, Meg Whitman launched a new iPhone application for her campaign. PurpleForge, a company with offices in Ottawa, Canada, New York and Georgia, created the application that allows subscribers to view the latest propaganda from Team Whitman. [, accessed 8/27/10;, accessed 8/27/10]

WHITMAN ‘MADE SMALL BUSINESS DREAMS COME TRUE' - IN TEXAS. Earlier this week, Meg Whitman began airing a new ad touting her time at eBay and taking credit for helping small businesses grow. The ad features a business called EasySale. EasySale is based in Arlington, Texas. In fact, EasySale isn't even registered with the California Secretary of State to do business in California. The company was formed in and is registered to do business in Texas. [California Secretary of State, accessed 8/25/10; EasySale, Inc. Certificate of Formation, Texas Secretary of State, filed 3/4/09]

WHITMAN VOWS TO CREATE JOBS - SENDS MILLIONS TO UTAH, FLORIDA. Meg Whitman has made job creation in California one of her top three priorities. But with hundreds of millions to spend on her campaign, Whitman chose out-of-state mail firms when she awarded her campaign's business - sending work to Utah and Florida. Arena Communications, which has been paid at least $3.8 million, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Majority Strategies, which has been paid more than $3.6 million, is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, according to the company's website. [Meg Whitman for Governor 2010, California Secretary of State Form 460s; Deseret Morning News, 6/26/05; Majority Strategies Website, accessed 8/27/10]

WHITMAN'S ADS PRODUCED IN TEXAS. Meg Whitman's ads are produced by Scott Howell & Company, with offices in Dallas, Texas and Washington, D.C. Howell has been paid more than $3.4 million for his work. [Meg Whitman for Governor 2010, California Secretary of State Form 460s; Scott Howell & Company Website, accessed 8/27/10]

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