The Real Meaning of Labor

This Labor Day weekend, while you're barbecuing by your in-laws' pool, enjoying your three-day weekend, and feeling lucky that hurricane season rarely hits the west coast, take a moment to remember the real reason we're commemorating a national holiday...

It's officially the start of campaign season!

I kid, I kid. But many of you have been wondering when Jerry Brown's campaign will kick into high gear, and we'd like to remind you that Labor Day has historically been the starting point for most major political campaigns. To that end, stay tuned for a big announcement from us early next week.

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Politics aside, it's important to recognize the real meaning behind labor day. California's labor force is some 18 million people deep. If we were our own country, our economy would fall between seventh and tenth largest in the world. Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, our statewide unemployment rate has risen above 12 percent.

Doesn't this seem like a good time to remind you of Jerry Brown's comprehensive jobs plan?

So enjoy your pool time, and sympathize with your east coast friends taping their windows up in anticipation of Earl. But be sure to also take a moment out of your day to remember fellow Californians who work hard to keep this state operating, and those who expend endless amounts of energy looking for work, too.

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