Stumping in San Diego

Guest post from Colin, a San Diego native and campaign staffer, who helped coordinate Jerry's rally at SDSU last Thursday.

Last Thursday, our campaign held a huge rally on the campus of San Diego State University. More than 500 people attended the standing-room-only event.

The Associated Students of SDSU had invited both Jerry and the Meg Whitman campaign to visit their campus, but only Jerry Brown decided to accept their invitation.

While we had been talking with the SDSU student government for a few weeks about the potential event, the decision was finalized midday on Monday. That gave us only 36 hours to setup the rally.

For the next two days, the campaign blitzed the campus, passing out flyers with volunteers and helping students make phone calls to tell their friends. The local Democratic Party and SDSU organizers blasted out emails and Facebook invites, letting people know Jerry was coming to town.

By about 10 a.m. on the morning of the rally, the first few people started to trickle into a line. Within an hour, it had stretched around the building, through the campus plaza.

Our candidate took the stage to chants of “Jerry – Jerry!” He was flanked by student leaders and a diverse group of San Diego elected officials, including Assemblymember Mary Block, Senator Christine Kehoe, and City Councilmember Todd Gloria.

Jerry explained that when he attended UC Berkeley, tuition was only $125, causing students to both laugh and groan. The audience cheered when he discussed why California should be willing to invest more in education, saying students “are the future, and you’re going to contribute back wealth many times over what people give.”

Jerry’s comments touched briefly on the campaign, comparing its frugality with the unprecedented personal spending of our opponent. When he pointed out that “sometimes when you don’t have enough, you make better decisions, because you have to think about stuff,” the crowd erupted with applause.

After all, starving college students know a thing or two about penny-pinching.

For more from San Diego, check out this video of Jerry's speech and our Flickr album of photographs.


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