Seriously, Don't Forget His Day Job

The Attorney General's office made headlines last week when Jerry announced a state suit against tiny Bell after a lengthy investigation that revealed obscenely high salaries and benefits for city officials.

The suit calls for the officials, including former City Manager Robert Rizzo, return the hundreds of thousands of dollars they siphoned from the city (population 40,000) in the form of exorbitant pay rates. Rizzo, who collected nearly $800,000 a year, made nearly double the salary of President Obama and quadruple what Governor Schwarzenegger would make if he took a salary. Members of the Bell city council, a job that pays around $4,800 in cities of a similar size, took home nearly six figures a year.

Alongside the suit, Jerry said his office will be taking similar actions to ensure city officials throughout the rest of the state are paid fairly, starting with a subpoena of compensation records for nearby Vernon, which claims a mere 100 residents.

Chalk this up to the long list of reasons I think Jerry's the guy to lead our state - given his employment history, he understands how to combat such absurd levels of greed among public employees, and knows how to take the right action to ensure our public compensation system is not abused.

Need proof? Check out his detailed plan for pension reform. Highlights include renegotiating retirement benefits for new employees, ending retroactive application of benefit enhancements, and establishing independent oversight of pension funds.

The events that recently unfolded in Bell exemplifies just one instance in which Jerry has taken the right measures to promote fair and just compensation for public employees.

Based on these recent events, ask yourself this, voters: Do you want a corporate mega-billionaire addressing salary abuses and reforming California's complicated pension system?

Or do you want a frugal candidate with a proven history of successfully dealing with situations like the one we just witnessed in Bell?

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