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Guest post from my social media cohort, Maggie, about Jerry Brown's recently-released education policy. As someone who will be going back to school to study multicultural education, Jerry's stances are especially important to her...

This year I applied to a new program in the University of San Francisco's multicultural education department to get my masters in human rights education. This program concentrates on the vital role of education in promoting and securing human rights.

I’m excited to work in California schools, but considering the way things have been going, that seems less and less appealing. California only spends 3.3% of its taxable resources on education, and ranks 49th behind only Arizona and Utah in student-teacher ratio.

I wanted to start my masters program this fall, but have decided it’s a better use of my time to work on the Jerry Brown campaign to make sure kids in the state of California can get a decent education, and I’ll have a future as a teacher in California. Hopefully I can go start school this spring after Jerry wins in November!

Some people don’t think that young folks are going to vote in this election. In fact, Meg Whitman is betting a ton of money that we won’t vote. She didn’t, so why would we?

Her education plan is not comprehensive and shows a lack of consideration for people like me who really care about these issues.

People my age have a lot riding on the outcome in November. It’s OUR kids who are going to end up at California schools shaped by one of these candidates. Jerry Brown’s education plan is informed and inspiring. He has founded two charter schools in Oakland and understands the extreme challenges educators are facing. I encourage everyone to read his plan, as it describes things that will contribute to a successful future for California.

Here are some things I’m really excited about:

  • The introduction of online learning and the use of new technologies explored to the fullest.
  • Focus on Community Colleges.
  • Overhaul of the state testing programs by focusing on career readiness and providing results to parents and educators in a timely fashion.
  • Extra funding for English language learners and low income families.
  • A more balanced and creative school curriculum.

Find out more by reading Jerry’s full proposal for education reforms in California.


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