Sarah Palin Attacks!

Just 48 hours after the general election began, the right wing attacks have started. Yesterday, Sarah Palin went on TV and attacked Jerry Brown, falsely attributing his term in office with tax hikes and deficits, even saying he's part of the "foundation" of our current economic mess. What a joke.

Click here to watch Palin's weak, fact-less attack, and help Jerry fight back.

Sarah Palin said, "Look at what he did." So let's do just that: Jerry's governorship was a model of fiscal responsibility.  He ditched the governor's limousine, private jet, and sprawling mansion. Brown reduced taxes by $4 billion, and California created 1.9 million new jobs. How about that, Sarah Palin?

Right now, we need a leader who can do this again -- who will rise above the petty politics and fierce partisanship, and bring people together to overcome California's daunting challenges.  Help us make this a campaign about the candidates' actual records, experience, leadership, and positions on the issues, not negative attacks.

We have the power to fight back against this poisonous brand of politics. If every one of us responds to these pathetic, right-wing attacks by raising money for Jerry, they might just think twice before throwing out another false hit. And it will give us the resources we need to get our message out and correct the record (...a very good record, I must add).

Will you donate $10, $20, $100 dollars and send Sarah Palin and Meg Whitman a signal that these negative attacks will be matched by our grassroots power?

Click here to watch Palin's attack and help Jerry fight back.

What you do right now really matters. The general election just began. Let's kick this off with a bang and show the extremists on the right what we're made of.

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