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Brown Proposes Series of Town Halls With Meg Whitman

Brown For Governor Campaign

LOS ANGELES – Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown proposed today that he and Republican nominee Meg Whitman hold 10 joint town hall appearances around the state to discuss job creation, schools and the state’s budget mess and to answer questions from voters.

"Partisan bickering and attack-dog politics have created an awful mess in Sacramento, and I think Meg and I now have an opportunity to change the tenor of politics in California by conducting a responsible campaign that shows the politicians that there is a better way to do business,” Brown told a news conference.

“I’m inviting Meg Whitman to join with me to run a campaign that will put the focus on town halls where each of us in an unscripted manner will discuss our positions and answer questions,” Brown said.

"Let’s tell people how we’ll manage their tax dollars, how we’ll hold down taxes, how we’ll make government work better and more efficiently, how we’ll fix our schools and how we’ll create jobs,” he added.

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Jerry Brown: Former governor has the know-how to get things done

Jerry Brown

I have lived in California all my life, as did my parents. And like them, I have devoted a large part of my life to public service. I care deeply about California. I know its history and its governing structure.

I served as governor from 1975 to 1983. On my watch, we built up a huge surplus by holding spending down. Taxes were reduced by $4 billion. We became the world leader in wind and renewable energy. And we created 1.9 million new jobs – a higher rate of job growth than the country as a whole.

I am running for governor because I know how to get California working again. Many of the challenges are different today, but the way forward is the same: frugality, honesty and innovation.

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Editorial: Jerry Brown steps up, Meg Whitman dodges

Mercury News Editorial

Now we know that one candidate for California governor is serious about making tax returns public:

Democrat Jerry Brown.

Only Brown met our noon deadline Wednesday to commit to posting 10 years of full state and federal returns online May 5. In a page one editorial last week, we had challenged candidates to make that pledge in writing. They'd be sure to keep their word, we reasoned, and if they all posted at the same time, it would get around the problem of nobody wanting to go first. It seemed simple and fair.

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Brown Agrees to Mercury News Tax Pledge

Brown for Governor Campaign

Oakland (April 21) –   Attorney General Jerry Brown announced today that he has accepted a newspaper’s challenge and agreed to release his tax returns for the past 10 years.
“Shortly after being elected governor in 1974, I did something no governor had done before – I released my tax returns”, Brown wrote in a letter to the editor of the San Jose Mercury-News.  “I have always believed this is important, and today – after revelations of Wall Street manipulation and crimes and an economic meltdown caused by greed and deception – it’s even more important.”


Brown For Governor 2010

LOS ANGELES – Calling for “immediate action” to fight California’s continuing unemployment problem, Attorney General Jerry Brown today proposed a series of three-way, bipartisan gubernatorial debates to begin within three weeks. 

Brown, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, sent letters to Republican gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner urging them to agree to three debates around the state – California’s first bipartisan debates prior to a primary election. 

“With record unemployment, the budget crisis and challenges to our system of education, California urgently needs specific answers to our problems,” Brown told the state Democratic Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles.
Brown explained that Democratic and Republican candidates have never debated each other before a primary election, but he said this year “is very different.” 

“Our continuing unemployment and growing state budget crisis are threatening our schools, university and the very future of our state,” he said.  “We cannot delay debating solutions. The need is immediate, and millions and millions of dollars in an orgy of spending for TV commercials is not a substitute for an honest and open discussion.  We need immediate action to get Californians back to work, and these debates will be a good first step.”

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Brown For Governor 2010

LOS ANGELES – In response to Republican Meg Whitman’s rejection of a proposal for three bipartisan pre-primary debates, Attorney General Jerry Brown issued the following statement:
“Private corporations sometimes hide behind slick advertising campaigns, but it’s wrong for a serious political candidate to do the same.  I urge Meg Whitman to reconsider.  Surely, if she believes she is good enough to be governor of California she must also consider herself competent enough to appear with her opponents.  A candidate for public office should not act like a used car salesperson who relies on misleading TV ads.  Public service is a higher calling, one that demands integrity, openness and honesty.  I encourage Meg Whitman to join with Steve Poizner and me in three joint appearances.  If she honestly believes what she says in her radio and TV ads, she should welcome the opportunity to answer questions, explain herself and then ask me whatever she’d like.  Our state is in serious trouble, and we need political candidates and public officials who are willing to face the voters, explain their ideas and give honest answers.”

Brown Campaign Calls on CalChamber to Withdraw Misleading Ad

Brown for Governor Campaign

Oakland (April 7) – Jerry Brown Campaign Manager today called on the California Chamber of Commerce to withdraw its misleading ad attacking Jerry Brown. Within a day of the ad’s appearance, numerous Chamber Board members denied giving authorization to create it or Chamber dues to put it on the air.

Under the guise of an issue ad, the Chamber falsely ties Brown to job losses and budget shortfalls from the past two years, when California was led by a Republican governor. The ad hypocritically attacks Brown for his stance on Proposition 13, despite the Chamber endorsing Proposition 8, the alternative to 13, along with leaders like then-San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson, who now serves as Meg Whitman’s Campaign Chair.

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