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There's an Out of State App for That

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - Meg Whitman released an iPhone app today that allows her campaign to follow the movements of potential supporters by connecting to the GPS in their phones. Like her ads, the small businesses featured in her ads, and Whitman herself, the app is from somewhere else - in this case a company with offices in Canada, Whitman's home state of New York, and Georgia. Brown campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford released the following statement:

California is the home of Apple (founded when Jerry Brown was governor), and countless app developers, but it appears only a company based 3000 miles away could meet Whitman's campaign needs. Two million Californians out of work, thousands of California companies looking for business and trying to stay afloat, but Meg Whitman chose to take her business to Canada.

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Sterling Clifford Issues Statement on New SBAC Ad Attack

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland, CA - Brown Campaign Spokesman Sterling Clifford this morning issued the following statement in response to the so-called Small Business Action Committee's launch of a second false and misleading ad attacking Jerry Brown:

Meg Whitman, having now shredded her credibility with the voters through slash-and-burn, over-top-top attack ads, has apparently found someone to do her dirty work.

Whitman paid SBAC $10,000 to be included in its slate mailer. SBAC endorsed her two days later.

Now SBAC is running more television ads than Meg Whitman.

Who's paying for all of the ads? This week we got a partial answer.

The ‘Small' Business Action Committee is funded by BIG special interests.

SBAC's new attempt to distort Jerry Brown's record will fail just like all of the others.

It's time for Joel Fox to disclose all of SBAC's major donors. It's time for them to let the sunlight in.

The new SBAC ad is the second in a more than $3 million ad flight running throughout California. This week the Small Business Action Committee reported more than $1 million in funding from companies like Anheuser-Busch and Altria, the parent company of tobacco giant Philip Morris.

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Leading Women's Health Organizations Back Brown for Governor, Condemn Meg Whitman for Double Talk on Women's Privacy, Safety Issues

Brown For Governor Campaign

OAKLAND, CA - In recognition of California Attorney General Jerry Brown's record of strong and consistent support for women's health issues, NARAL Pro-Choice California, and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC) today announced their support for Brown for Governor and condemned Republican candidate Meg Whitman for her cynical double talk on fundamental women's health issues.

"For those who believe in a woman's right to choose, the choice is clear," said Amy Everitt, State Director for NARAL Pro-Choice California. "Jerry Brown has always been an uncompromising champion of a woman's right to choose; having proven time and again his commitment to preserving a woman's right to a safe, legal abortion."

"Planned Parenthood only endorses candidates who are 100% respectful of a woman's right to make the very private, very personal decisions regarding her own reproductive health, 100% of the time," said Kathy Kneer, President of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

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130 Miles From Texas?

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - Brown campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford today issued the following statement in response to Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's launch of a new ad, titled "130 Miles," which decries the distance between Sacramento and the innovation of Silicon Valley:

As part of her multi-million dollar campaign of falsehoods, Meg Whitman has launched another misleading attack ad.

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Birthers, Meg Whitman Unite to Attack Brown

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - The Small Business Action Committee (SBAC) - an organization run by paid Whitman endorser Joel Fox and right-wing "birther" James Lacy - today launched yet another round of false attacks against Jerry Brown.

"There are no surprises in this ad, just the same debunked distortions of Jerry Brown's record," said Brown campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford. "Joel Fox sold out to Meg Whitman and is trying to sell lies and distortions to California voters."

Fox and the SBAC accepted $10,000 from Meg Whitman in March of 2010, two days before the SBAC formally endorsed Whitman in a press release that included a quote from Fox.

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Whitman Adds Another $13,000,000

Brown for Governor Campaign

On Friday night, Meg Whitman added another $13 million, bringing her personalspending in the 2010 gubernatorial campaign to $104,000,000. Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford's response is below:

Meg Whitman continues to pour unprecedented millions into a campaign of unprecedented dishonesty. Her ads have been proven false, her trickle-down tax breaks for the super rich are a proven failure, and the late night disclosure is all about keeping voters in the dark.


Brown Campaign Announces Launch of Meg-A-Myths Website

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - While Meg Whitman continues her campaign of distortions and lies about Jerry Brown with a new, false radio ad, Brown's Campaign this week launched a new website to document Whitman's biggest lies and flip-flops. The site,, went live Tuesday. In addition to a compilation of Whitman's biggest lies, you can read about the many falsehoods in her latest attack on Brown.

"Meg Whitman is either incapable or unwilling to tell the truth - about Jerry Brown, California or herself," said Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford. "If she won't, we will. And we'll put all the documentation of her lies in one convenient place."

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Make What Happen?

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - Following the release of the Whitman for Governor ad titled "Make it Happen," Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford made the following statement:

Meg Whitman today released the latest ad in her record setting assault on California's airwaves, full of lies and half-truths as usual.

Just what was the idea eBay had when Whitman showed up? An idea that by Meg's own admission had revenues growing by 70% a month. A business model so good that "even my pin-striped Harvard MBA classmates would have done a double take." A company successful enough to pay Whitman $145,000 in her first 10 months as CEO. Not exactly a start up in someones garage.

In her final three years and CEO of eBay, Whitman oversaw a crash in the company's value, as eBay share prices tumbled nearly 50%.

Whitman claims that at eBay she created 15,000 jobs. Of course she doesn't say that 40% of them were overseas. And she doesn't acknowledge that as a fraction of the 1.9 million jobs created in California when Jerry Brown was Governor.

If Meg Whitman ran California the way she ran eBay, what would it mean for small businesses? Apparently, continually higher fees, and less profit.

Meg Whitman's jobs plan? A California photo album, a tax cut for the wealthiest Californians that would blow an even bigger hole in the deficit, and a rejection of AB32 - California's world-leading climate change law that will protect our environment and help us capture the innovative clean-energy jobs of the future.

Jerry Brown is the only candidate with the knowledge and experience to get California Working again.

Whitman Goes on John and Ken, Comes Back with New Positions on Key Issues

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland – After dodging their questions for weeks, Meg Whitman finally appeared with conservative radio hosts John and Ken on KFI in Los Angeles, but she continued to flip-flop on key issues for California.
“Meg Whitman went on the radio to defend her past flip-flop and ended up back-flipping into more,” said Brown Campaign Manager Steven Glazer. “She gets a perfect 10 for political contortions, gyrations and summersaults. Her lack of truthfulness and her failure to talk straight to voters in English and Spanish is very troubling.”

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Brown Files First Post-Primary Finance Report

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - Attorney General Jerry Brown 's Gubernatorial Campaign Committee today filed its first post-primary finance report with the California Secretary of State, showing more than $2.6 million raised in the six weeks covered by the filing period.

"Our fundraising demonstrates that we will have the resources to get our message out to voters about the experience, independence and authenticity of Jerry Brown. Meg Whitman is trying to use massive amounts of money and advertising to cover up her history of not voting and not caring about public affairs," said Brown campaign manager Steven Glazer."This campaign will offer a stark contrast between an artificial candidate with hollow promises and a proven problem solver who has the experience and know how to get California working again."

For this period, which covered May 23 to June 30 of 2010, Brown showed $2,685,732 in monetary donations, expenses of $130,799. The campaign has brought in $24.3 million through the end of June, with expenses of $377,333 in 2010.

While July is not included in the current filing, Brown has taken in an additional $1.1 million in the last four weeks.

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