Oops, I Did it Again: Secret Settlements in Whitman's Wake

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland – Meg Whitman says:
“…we must reform the way state government conducts business by demanding efficiency, accountability and transparency."
Or not. Meg Whitman claims to believe in accountability and transparency, but when she makes an illegal decision, she counts on her company to foot the bill, and does all she can to hide the truth. More than once companies Whitman worked for paid-off workers mistreated by Whitman, and then hid behind nondisclosure agreements.
“Whitman owes it to the voters to come clean about what happened in both cases, and be honest about what the settlements cost her employers,” said Brown Campaign Manager Steven Glazer.
Turns out, the day she chose to assault a staffer wasn’t the first time Whitman’s mistreatment of her staff cost her employer money – and it wasn’t the first time she tried to keep it secret either.

At the end of 1995, as President and CEO of FTD, Whitman fired her Vice President of Technology and Network services, David Carlson, a 55-year-old. He was replaced by a man nearly 20 years younger. Two months later, Carlson filed an age discrimination lawsuit against Whitman and FTD, and in the complaint, he detailed repeated instances of Whitman expressing the need for younger executives at FTD.
So how did it end? Whitman and FTD settled the lawsuit with Carlson for an undisclosed sum. When contacted by the Los Angeles Times, “Carlson declined to comment because of the confidentiality agreement he signed to settle the case.”
“Time and time again, Meg Whitman has refused to take responsibility for her actions, and refused to tell the truth,” said Glazer. “She certainly isn’t telling voters the truth now. Californians deserve a Governor who knows how to be honest, and is willing to be accountable.”
And of course, Whitman was famously sued by her own shareholders at eBay when she took more than 100 now-illegal IPO spinning deals from Goldman Sachs.
“Lawsuits, settlements and secrets follow Meg Whitman at every turn,” Glazer added. “What would a Whitman administration cost California?”

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