Five Suspects Arrested in a Violent Loan Shark Operation that Preyed on Casino Customers

Office of the Attorney General

SACRAMENTO - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the arrests of five members of a suspected loan-sharking syndicate, headed by a reputed Chinese mobster, that trapped casino gamblers in a "never-ending loop of debt and fear" by loaning them hundreds of thousands of dollars at exorbitant interest rates.

Working inside tribal casinos in the Sacramento area - including Red Hawk and Thunder Valley -- over the last 18 months, the suspects often preyed on Asian gamblers. Once the gamblers accepted loans, the amount they owed began to skyrocket. Some were charged 5 percent interest a week. Because of high interest rates and other charges, one gambler's $100,000 loan mushroomed to $400,000 in five months.

"Loan shark enterprises like this one terrorize people through spiraling financial obligations and threats of violence," Brown said. "Victims are trapped in a never-ending loop of debt and fear."

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Three More Suspects Nabbed in Million-Dollar Bait-and-Switch Home Refinance Scam

Office of the Attorney General

LOS ANGELES - In a continuing probe into a defunct Southern California mortgage brokerage, Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the arrests of president and co-owner Sean McConville and two associates who used "deceptive promises and forged documents" to steal almost $1 million from homeowners falsely guaranteed attractive home loan refinancing packages.

"These criminals employed a classic bait-and-switch in their refinance scheme," Brown said. "With deceptive promises and forged documents, they maliciously cheated homeowners who trusted them and just wanted a fair deal."

Read the entire news release here.

Brown Files to Support Federal Clean Air Standards

Office of the Attorney General

OAKLAND - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced today that he has asked to intervene in a lawsuit in order to protect newly adopted motor vehicle emission standards that would save nearly two billion barrels of oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately one billion tons.

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Brown Announces Arrests of More Than 50 Gang Members in Northern California

Office of the Attorney General

YUBA CITY - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced today that narcotics agents of the Department of Justice and local law enforcement officials arrested 59 gang members, including one who bootstrapped his way from foot soldier to local commander by committing or ordering murders.

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Brown Signs Supreme Court Brief to Stop an Anti-Gay Hate Group from Disrupting Military Funerals

Office of the Attorney General

Saying that "disrupting a private funeral with vicious personal attacks goes too far," California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. has signed a friend-of-the-court brief filed today in a Supreme Court case that will test whether families grieving at a funeral have a right to be free of hate-filled attacks from fanatical protesters.

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Jerry Brown makes campaign stop at UCSB

By Evan Sherwood Correspondent, Ventura County Star

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and California Attorney General Jerry Brown stopped in Santa Barbara Monday to reach out to a group of voters born years after his tenure as state governor ended in 1983 — college students.

Brown spoke to more than 600 people gathered at UC Santa Barbara, saying as governor he would fight student fee increases, support environmental regulations and scrap partisan bickering in Sacramento. He called on students for support and said the state should not allow the economic downturn to burden the cost of education.

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Jerry Brown shows he can make an impact without spending a dime

By Steven Harmon - Bay Area News Group

SACRAMENTO — Jerry Brown's famous frugality was matched last week by his taste for the unpredictable, foreshadowing the kind of wily campaign he'll need to employ to overcome the personal wealth of either of the two Republican gubernatorial candidates in the fall.

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Jerry Brown's a lot of things, but he's no tax-and-spender

By George Skelton LA Times

A recent ad by the California Chamber of Commerce painting the former governor as promoting higher state spending and taxes missed the truth by a mile and damages the chamber's credibility.

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The Madonna of Politics

by Lloyd Grove - Daily Beast

Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr.—the once and possibly future governor of California—has reinvented himself so many times he’s giving Madonna a run for her money. His act involves fewer costume changes, but it’s at least as enduring.

At once spiritual and cynical, worldly and ascetic, personally ambitious and altruistic, and cerebral to the point of abstraction—an attribute that long ago earned him the nickname “Governor Moonbeam”—he is a public figure of quirky charisma, the stylistic opposite of his late father.

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