Which Calif. governor has had the best job growth?

Dean Calbreath - Union-Tribune

Which of California's five recent governors had the best job growth during his tenure in office? And which had the worst?

Michael Bernick, an employment specialist affiliated with Santa Monica's Milken Institute, has come up with one method of figuring that out - and the answer has already generated a little dustup on the campaign trail.

Bernick added up the number of jobs that were added during each tenure and then compared California's growth rate to the nation's growth rate. Since California represents around 11 percent of the nation's population, any number above 11 percent means we're outpacing the rest of the country.

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Jerry Brown's Santa Rosa kickoff


Jerry Brown chose Santa Rosa to make his first foray onto the campaign trail in several weeks Wednesday night, rallying hundreds of Democratic Party faithful with a stump speech that held true to the candidate's off-the-cuff style.

Using no notes and with his suit jacket removed, the 72-year-old Brown spoke inside the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Hall on everything from pension reform to the benefits of meditation.

He argued that he has a broader base of experience in life and in politics than his opponent in the governor's race, Republican and former EBay executive Meg Whitman.

"I know all the mistakes. I've made them all," Brown said.

Brown's appearance at the Vets Hall followed an exclusive fund-raising event at the McDonald Avenue home of former Congressman Doug Bosco, who has long known the attorney general and former governor.

Brown has been making fund-raising rounds for most of the summer as he wages an uphill money battle against Whitman, who has poured more than $100 million of her own money into her campaign.

Some Democrats have privately worried that Brown is letting the momentum get away from him by sticking to private events.

Brown, whose family vacationed at the Russian River when he was a child and whose father, Pat Brown, also served as governor, compared campaigning for governor to being on the rocky shore, grabbing hold of a rope swing and "letting go."

But if people were hoping that his appearance at the Democratic rally was a sign that he is fully embracing the public fray, Brown squelched the idea in his opening remarks.

"The campaign starts after Labor Day," he said. "Save your energy."

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Untruths, inconsistency abound in governor's race

By Thomas D. Elias -

The sad reality about the political commercials now crowding California's airwaves is that they are, de facto, not subject to the same truth in advertising rules that govern ads for, say, cars or computers, laser eye treatments, weight loss programs or plastic surgery.

Candidates can say whatever they want, sometimes totally contradicting facts and suddenly taking positions 180 degrees different from their past stances, usually called a flip-flop.

They hope voters won't notice the lies and punish the liars. And even though political ads are covered by the same laws as other paid messages, campaigns are so short the damage is almost always done before anyone can protest, let alone see a lawsuit through the lugubrious legal process.

With more money than ever spent on political ads whose purpose often is to paper over candidates' awkward situations, lies or past statements, it's vital to track what's true or false in both campaign commercials and candidate statements.

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California sues 'Tax Lady' for $34 million

By Dale Kasler - Los Angeles Times

The "Tax Lady," Sacramento-area tax attorney Roni Lynn Deutch, was sued for $34 million by state officials Monday on charges that her firm swindled thousands of clients.

The lawsuit by state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown said Deutch's $25 million-a-year empire is essentially a fraud, with clients paying thousands in fees but getting little or no legal assistance in return.

Known for her relentless TV commercials, Deutch promises to help people who are in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. Brown's suit said that only 10% of her clients ever get their tax debts resolved. Most quit or are terminated by Deutch's firm and are denied refunds after Deutch's staff bills them for work that wasn't performed, the lawsuit said.

The suit said her TV ads are filled with misleading statements. In one spot, three clients say they had thousands of dollars of IRS debt wiped off the books. Actually, their debts were temporarily placed on hold, while penalties and interest continued to pile up, the suit said.

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Brown Has a Schools Plan. Really.

Here's one thing that's different about the Jerry Brown of today than the one who governed California from 1975 to 1983.

He knows much more about education now than he did then.

He started two charter schools in Oakland -- the Oakland Military Institute and the Oakland School for Arts. 


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Jobs data show growth during Jerry Brown years

Democrat Jerry Brown has the strongest record of any of the five most recent California governors when it comes to creating jobs as a percentage of national job growth, says a former state Employment Development Department director who has been studying the numbers.

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Whitman encounters criticism from protesters and radio show hosts

The GOP gubernatorial candidate opens an office in East L.A. and visits the 'John and Ken' show. At both stops, her shifting stance on illegal immigration is criticized. 

Meg Whitman's 54th birthday Wednesday featured a rough time on the campaign trail...

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Meg Whitman on KFI, the John and Ken Show

Interviewer: Meg Whitman is in the studio. She is, I thought we were playing a commercial there, didn’t know.  Yeah, I was just talking to her off the air. Commercial free until four o’clock, and we’re going to start right into it. Welcome, how are you?

MW: Good, thank you for having me.

Illegal Immigration/Arizona Law/ Latino Outreach

Interviewer: Thank you for coming. Let’s get right into this because we have limited time. You’ve run at least 30 billboards around the state, saying, in Spanish, unequivocally, no on the Arizona Law. And then there was this ad. Mando, play cut 2. This is a Spanish language ad against the Arizona bill.

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Father and Son Charged with Stealing $1.6 Million in Unclaimed Funds from Dozens of Californians

Office of the Attorney General

SACRAMENTO - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced that his office has brought formal charges against a father and son who promised to recover unclaimed funds for dozens of citizens and then "surreptitiously stole" more than $1.6 million from them, using forged documents and fictitious mailing addresses. 

"This larcenous pair scoured the Controller's database of individuals with unclaimed property, contacted many of them, and promised to help recover their assets," Brown said. "Instead, employing forgery and fraud, they surreptitiously stole more than $1.6 million." 

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Whitman strategy in doubt after poll

By Steven Harmon - Contra Costa Times

SACRAMENTO — She has spent a fortune — $100 million and counting — and Republican Meg Whitman has not moved the dial against Jerry Brown in the gubernatorial race.

Despite an aggressive summer campaign in which she went on the offensive against Brown immediately after winning the GOP primary, Whitman remains stuck behind Brown, 37 percent to 34 percent, according to a survey released Wednesday night by the Public Policy Institute of California.

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