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Oakland - Following the release of the Whitman for Governor ad titled "Make it Happen," Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford made the following statement:

Meg Whitman today released the latest ad in her record setting assault on California's airwaves, full of lies and half-truths as usual.

Just what was the idea eBay had when Whitman showed up? An idea that by Meg's own admission had revenues growing by 70% a month. A business model so good that "even my pin-striped Harvard MBA classmates would have done a double take." A company successful enough to pay Whitman $145,000 in her first 10 months as CEO. Not exactly a start up in someones garage.

In her final three years and CEO of eBay, Whitman oversaw a crash in the company's value, as eBay share prices tumbled nearly 50%.

Whitman claims that at eBay she created 15,000 jobs. Of course she doesn't say that 40% of them were overseas. And she doesn't acknowledge that as a fraction of the 1.9 million jobs created in California when Jerry Brown was Governor.

If Meg Whitman ran California the way she ran eBay, what would it mean for small businesses? Apparently, continually higher fees, and less profit.

Meg Whitman's jobs plan? A California photo album, a tax cut for the wealthiest Californians that would blow an even bigger hole in the deficit, and a rejection of AB32 - California's world-leading climate change law that will protect our environment and help us capture the innovative clean-energy jobs of the future.

Jerry Brown is the only candidate with the knowledge and experience to get California Working again.

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