Jerry Brown's tax reform plan fixes 'perverse' incentive and would create jobs

Mercury News Editorial

We're finally seeing some serious talk in Sacramento about what should be the Legislature's No. 1 priority: job creation. Unfortunately -- just like in Washington -- partisan politics are preventing progress.

Gov. Jerry Brown last week unveiled a jobs plan made up of several bills making their way through the Legislature. He wants to close a $1 billion tax loophole that encourages companies to create jobs elsewhere, using the savings for tax changes to foster job creation here. It's exactly the kind of tax reform California needs.

Yet Republicans immediately labeled the plan a tax increase -- since presumably some out-of-state businesses would end up paying more -- even though it doesn't raise a penny for the general fund. (Two GOP votes are needed in each house for this plan.) So now, it seems, even revenue-neutral tax changes are "tax increases." Do Republicans believe current tax law was handed directly to Moses?

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