Jerry Brown: A Better Choice to Defend Women's Rights Than His Female Opponent

The media may have buzzed with uncertainty over what would happen when Meg and Jerry shared a stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Women's Conference yesterday, but our guy exceeded expectations and delivered a stunning performance.

The crowd of more than 14,000 (mostly female) attendees erupted into applause after Jerry pledged to remove all negative advertising should our opponent do the same. When Meg failed to agree, however, the audience responded less than favorably.

This isn't the first time a majority of women seemed to prefer Jerry. In fact, in a recent Los Angeles Times/USC poll, Jerry led among female voters by 21 percent. And when asked which candidate was more truthful, women chose Jerry over Meg by a 25 percent margin.

In other words, us girls aren't fooled by her fibs.

Women have other reasons to come together in support of Jerry, though. As Governor, he named females to nearly one-third of the state's posts, more than any of his predecessors. He also signed a flurry of bills protecting women in the workplace, including laws that prohibited employment discrimination on the basis of gender and granted state benefits during pregnancy.

Meg, on the other hand, can add reproductive rights to her long list of election season flip-flops. After announcing her candidacy, she claimed she was pro-choice, telling the San Francisco Chronicle that she supported public funding for abortions.

Not long after, she circulated mailers throughout the state touting her opposition to federally-funded abortions while attacking her primary opponent, Steve Poizner, for having a "100 percent pro-choice rating" from Planned Parenthood.

Maybe that's why groups like the National Organization for Women and NARAL Pro-Choice California have soundly endorsed Jerry.

As a California woman, I couldn't agree with them more.



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