Interns, You're Awesome

Taking a quick moment out of my busy day at the campaign office to acknowledge a group of truly fantastic young people: the Jerry Brown for Governor interns. Each day, these talented college students plug away at their picnic table working on research, social media, field organizing, and pretty much anything else the staffers ask them to do. They'll take on any task we give them with a smile, even the most menial of requests.

Hailing from schools all over the country, our politically-minded young'ns are excited to gain firsthand experience in the industry. "I see Sterling in the office, and then I'll read a quote from him in the newspaper a few minutes later," says Laura, a rising sophomore at Georgetown. "I love the inside perspective I'm getting from working here."

And they're just as determined as the rest of us to put Jerry in the governor's office come November. Ariel, a rising sophomore at University of Redlands, considers the environment among her most important issues and thinks Jerry's past record proves he is the best person for the job. "His previous insights and measures he's taken shows how in-tune he is," she says.

I'm so sad to say goodbye to them as the summer nears it's final stretch. But this dedicated bunch has insisted on helping us out as much as they can from their various college campuses.

Before they go, Laura and Ariel are putting the finishing touches on a video about the 'Interns' look inside the campaign' - stay tuned for its release on this blog early next week.

Thank you for all that you do, wonderful Interns, and keep up the great work!

Got a question for our Intern pack? Leave it in the comment section below and we'll be sure to answer.

Interns hard at work; photo by @mutgoff




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