In Case You Missed It: SJ Mercury News, Oakland Tribune and Merced Sun-Star Endorse Jerry Brown for Governor

Brown For Governor 2010

OAKLAND – Adding to a growing list of endorsements, three California newspapers – the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune and Merced Sun-Star – endorsed Attorney General and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown for Governor over the weekend.
From the San Jose Mercury News: “Jerry Brown is the right choice for governor”
“Jerry Brown offers California exactly what it needs in its next governor: a mature politician who can get things done in Sacramento and who brings good ideas, strong principles and a reputation for telling the truth.

It's popular in some circles to say we need an outsider with business experience to run government. We tried that. It didn't work. This is the time for a leader who can work the system and who will act in the best interests of the people of California. Capping his career with a second run for the office he held three decades ago, Brown, at 72, has no ax to grind, no simmering ambition that would lead him to trump the public good with pandering to special interests. He is motivated by his desire to leave a shining legacy after a lifetime of public service.
We enthusiastically recommend him for governor.”

From the Oakland Tribune: “Jerry Brown is the better choice for California governor”
“To the voters of California, we at the paper in Jerry Brown's home territory have a message: He was a much better mayor of Oakland than his gubernatorial opponent, Meg Whitman, claims he was.
Sure, his eight years in office weren't without difficulties and disappointments. But given the circumstances he found himself in and the problems that he faced, Brown exceeded most people's expectations as mayor and brought positive change to a struggling city against very difficult odds. Overall, we are impressed with his tenure as mayor and it is on that basis we feel he will make a better governor than Whitman.”

From the Merced Sun-Star: “This year, a clear choice for governor”
“By contrast, Jerry Brown offers a road map for recovery that is much more in tune with California's values.  Brown has also made a compelling case for why he would be a more effective leader than Whitman, which is why we recommend Brown for governor.
…Brown has demonstrated in meetings and debates he is ready to take on new challenges, and is the best-equipped candidate to work with legislators to reform the budget process and cut through partisan squabbles over water, education funding, pension reform and other issues.”

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