In Case You Missed It: Nation's Largest Spanish Language Newspaper Endorses Jerry Brown for Governor

Brown For Governor Campaign

LOS ANGELES - With Attorney General Jerry Brown continuing to gain support in Latino communities across California, La Opinión, the nation's largest Spanish language newspaper, endorsed the Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate today, writing that Brown has "all the qualities needed to lead us through this difficult time."

Today's editorial follows endorsements from the Fresno Bee, Los Angeles Times, Merced Sun-Star, Oakland Tribune, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz Sentinel and Stockton Record.

From La Opinión: "Brown for Governor"

California is at a crossroads. Our state's future is threatened by the gigantic budget deficit, by a series of crises from the pension system to the prison system, and by the needs facing both education and infrastructure. To address this challenge, we need an experienced person capable of battling all the forces vying for power. Jerry Brown is the right person for the office of governor at this time.

The state attorney general has a long political career, as governor-30 years ago-and as mayor of Oakland and secretary of state of California. He has in-depth knowledge of the workings of state government and the political savvy to navigate between the legislature and interest groups competing for space in Sacramento. It is true that Brown is a product of the political system and it could be argued that he is too close to unions, but we think Brown will use these relationships and knowledge of the system to California's advantage.

Meanwhile, his rival, Meg Whitman, has the appealing message of being the candidate from "outside" the political establishment, with a business approach and vision to address the challenges of government. This outsider strategy is not new. Governor Schwarzenegger arrived in Sacramento in a similar position and with comparable ideas that never did take shape, leading to the stagnation of a complex political process. This outsider model is not one that makes sense given today's state government.

We like Brown's idea of opening a dialog on needed changes with California's various sectors, as well as with the legislature. This proposal is credible thanks to his vast experience as a politician and an elected official.

This more inclusive and pragmatic approach is a defining contrast between the two candidates because-while there are differences between their proposals-both have similar ideas about the need to reform pension funds, reduce public spending, and change the budget process. Brown's strategy is the one that, based on recent experience, can yield better results than Whitman's.

Either we all have a part in saving our state or it won't be saved. Jerry Brown has all the qualities needed to lead us through this difficult time. Vote for Jerry Brown for governor.


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