In Case You Missed It: LA Daily News, Santa Cruz Sentinel and Stockton Record Endorse Jerry Brown for Governor

Brown For Governor Campaign

OAKLAND - With just over two weeks remaining before Election Day, three more newspapers - the Los Angeles Daily News, Santa Cruz Sentinel and Stockton Record - endorsed Attorney General and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown for Governor over the weekend.

These editorials follow endorsements from the Fresno Bee, Los Angeles Times, Merced Sun-Star, Oakland Tribune, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News.

From the Los Angeles Daily News: "Jerry Brown for Governor"

"Californians must use cold calculation and not gut feeling when they vote for the state's top leader in the Nov. 2 election. The foremost criteria must be which of the top two candidates can work within the dysfunction of Sacramento to set the state back on the path of solvency and growth - and do so quickly. Under that criteria, the only choice is Jerry Brown...

...The last thing California needs right now is a political novice who will have to learn on the job about building coalitions, motivating legislators and the fundamental task of the governor's job.

California needs Jerry Brown, the master politician, who can use his considerable skill and charm to make the structural changes that state government needs to continue operating.


From the Santa Cruz Sentinel: "Jerry Brown for Governor"

"It's tempting when looking at the two major-party candidates for governor of California, Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown, to ask if either is capable of leading California out of the wilderness of the past decade. The answer -- based on their experience, voting records and the current campaign -- is that the best choice for voters clearly is Brown.

...Brown understands that the state has to drastically improve infrastructure and job training to come back. He wants to invest in renewable energy, cut regulations and consolidate the profusion of regulatory agencies.

Jerry Brown has the experience, vision and unique ability to think outside the box that California needs more than ever. The Sentinel recommends Brown as our next governor."


From the Stockton Record: "Brown for Governor"

"...In Whitman's case, there is no record. She's never held elected office and only recently discovered that, jeez, running a government isn't the same as running a corporation. No, it's not, as Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly learned after arriving in Sacramento. Do we really have another two or three years to wait for a governor to come to the political party?

...At 72 and no longer harboring political ambitions beyond governor, Brown should be able to focus on what needs to be done. He understands the problems and even offers some solutions..."

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