Environmentalists, Read This Article

From Mother Jones. It's a comprehensive, anecdotal overview of Jerry's energy policies, then and now.

When Jerry was in charge THEN...

  • California adopted a refrigerator standard that set the precedent for our state to lead the nation in appliance standards, even today.
  • California became the first state to adopt a strong energy-efficiency building code.
  • He provided utility companies with an incentive to promote energy efficiency.
  • He invested in solar and other forms of renewable energy.

And last week, speaking in Mountain View, Jerry unveiled a clean-energy action plan that includes creating more than a half-million jobs in the industry. I don't know about you, but with the horror story in the Gulf and China emerging as the global leader in clean energy technology, I want California's next governor to make greening our economy a priority. I'm impressed that Jerry released something so detailed so early in the campaign, and pleased that energy efficiency is its subject.

And I challenge anyone who says they don't care about the issue to hike one of the beach trails along Mount Tam on a sunny day, look out over the Pacific Ocean lapping the rocks below the cliffs, and tell me California's multifaceted natural beauty is worth destroying. I don't even need to mention Meg Whitman's opposition to AB-32. Okay, I won't say it again.

A waterfall by the beach on a recent hike in Bolinas via Mount Tam.

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