Desperate and Flailing, Whitman Throws Kitchen Sink, Oven and Blender at Brown

Brown For Governor Campaign

OAKLAND - After spending the week denouncing every public poll in California and refusing to follow Jerry Brown's pledge to run only positive ads through Election Day, Meg Whitman decided today that more of the same - re-cutting yet another attack ad and spending a few million more dollars - might finally shift this race in her favor.

"Meg Whitman seems to think that an unrelenting stream of consultant-driven attack ads, picture book plans and talking points are enough to win this race and solve California's problems," said Jerry Brown for Governor Campaign Spokesman Sterling Clifford. "If your message isn't true, people won't buy it."

Meg Whitman's latest television ad - her twelfth in just two and a half weeks - repackages an attack she first launched more than three months ago, that is as ineffective today as it was then.

The ad uses a 15 year old unscripted out-of-context interview clip of Jerry Brown to imply that Brown lacks a vision and plan to lead California.

The inconvenient truth for Meg Whitman is that Jerry Brown is the only candidate with fresh ideas and a record to run on:

-As Governor, Brown implemented the "Cogeneration Plan," which led to thousands of megawatts of new energy from cogeneration. Brown's leadership also made California a leader in alternative energy and energy conservation.

-Brown's "Investment in Economic Strength" plan led to the first industry-UC jointly funded research program for the development of micro-electronic technology, keeping California on the cutting edge of the industry.

-The "Investment in People" plan expanded vocational training programs combining the power of government and industry to retrain unemployed Californians.

-As Mayor, Brown implemented the "10K Plan" to bring 10,000 residents and 6,000 housing units to downtown Oakland.

The foundation of Meg Whitman's own policy platform is a glossy picture book, with hollow ideas and harmful, half-baked proposals. A couple examples of Whitman's "plans" include a self-dealing multi-billion dollar capital gains tax break for the ultra-wealthy and an immigration plan that changes depending on whether she's trying to reach English or Spanish speaking voters.

"After failing to vote for more than a quarter of a century and not so much as expressing a public opinion for most of her adult life, Whitman is suddenly the candidate with all the answers," Clifford continued. "In reality, Whitman is a marketing creation propped up by legions of political consultants, policy ghostwriters and image-makers."

To read more about Brown's solutions for California, visit:


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