Coming Together

Have you seen the new California Democratic Party website lately?

The statewide party has released a beautiful online resource for voters and volunteers to use to their advantage. The refreshed site allows users to search for their closest field office, sign up to help efforts in a variety of capacities, obtain information about ballot propositions, and register to vote.

Meg may have her behemoth infrastructure and endless funding, but our combined effort represents the spirit of cooperation as we all rally together behind a cause we believe in. As staffer Felix put it, "We've abandoned traditional factionry in order to rely on our central resources." I'm not sure factionry is actually a word, but I'd choose unity over a series of powerhouses any day.

If you're looking to volunteer, going through the site is a great way to connect with your local party chapter. Check it out today and find out how you can join our amazing, multifaceted effort.

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This site works thanks to folks like these that want to Keep California Working. Join Us!

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