Cheezburger Network to Whitman Camp: EPIC FAIL

By now you've probably seen the minute-long, lie-packed tirade our opposition has been bombarding the airwaves with. Turns out, the only actual fail in the purported 'legacy of failure' Meg's trying to portray comes from whichever of her interns decided to get a little too Photoshop-happy. Know the screenshot in the ad that shows Jerry's picture next to a FAIL stamp on Failblog? Totally fake. And the folks at Failblog parent company Cheezburger Network aren't too happy. Founder Ben Huh has demanded the Whitman folks craft, at the very least, a written apology. Huh has also stated the company will be talking to their attorneys. Less than three weeks past the primary, and Meg's team can already boast ten million in spending and a potential lawsuit. Off to a great start!

Fake shot from eMeg's recent ad

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