California NOW Endorses Jerry Brown For Governor, Condemns Meg Whitman’s Record on Women’s Issues

"While much of Meg Whitman's record is still unknown, what we do know is cause for alarm," added President Bellasalma. "According to numerous news accounts, Meg Whitman committed an act of workplace violence against one of her female employees at eBay; and the allegations that she failed to pay Nicandra Diaz Santillan, a member of her household staff, for some of the time she worked and threatened to replace her when she became pregnant are deeply concerning. The abuse of employees, whether in the workplace or in the home, is not acceptable." 

"Meg Whitman spent millions of dollars attacking a woman's right to choose during this campaign. Jerry Brown is the only candidate for Governor who we trust to protect a woman's right to choose," added Bellasalma.

"For California women, actions speak louder than words. We know Jerry Brown's record, and we know Meg Whitman's record. The choice is clear. We strongly urge California women to vote for Jerry Brown for Governor," she continued.

As Governor, Jerry Brown named women to nearly one-third of the state's posts - more than any other chief executive before him. This included 131 Judges, 5 cabinet members, 2 department directors and 10 deputy directors. Governor Brown also required equal pay for women in jobs requiring equal skill, effort and responsibility as their male counterparts.

In 1978, Brown signed AB 1960, a bill to prohibit discrimination in hiring, employment, or promotion on the basis of pregnancy. In 1976, he signed AB 3881, granting women workers state benefits during pregnancy. Jerry Brown also signed AB 1985, a landmark bill to prohibit sexual harassment.

As Governor, Jerry Brown signed the "Pregnancy Freedom of Choice Act" giving unmarried women under the age of 21 the opportunity for state-funded prenatal care and counseling; as well as a bill to require county health clinics to provide physicians and surgeons with lists of family planning and birth control clinics.

After the passage of the Hyde Amendment, the Carter Administration cut off federal funding which previously protected the right to safe and legal abortions. Despite losing federal funding and the Supreme Court ruling that states were not required to fund abortions, Brown continued to provide state funding for abortions for low-income women.

Jerry Brown also supports Roe v. Wade, the Freedom of Choice Act, and Medicaid funding of abortions. He opposes any Constitutional amendment outlawing abortion, mandatory parental notification/consent laws, and clinics that do not provide women with medically accurate information about all of their medical options.

Jerry Brown's campaign has also been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice California and
Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC), two leading organizations focused on fundamental women's reproductive health issues.

Contact California NOW President Patty Bellasalma at: 213-393-1785

Contact PPAC's Kathy Kneer at: (916) 446-5247

Brown For Governor Campaign

OAKLAND - In recognition of his consistent support for women's equality and reproductive freedom, the PAC for the National Organization for Women's California chapter today announced its strong support for Jerry Brown for Governor and condemned Republican candidate Meg Whitman's treatment of women in the workplace and her failure to support a woman's right to choose.

"As Governor, Mayor, and Attorney General, Jerry Brown has promoted and defended women's rights," said California NOW President Patty Bellasalma. "Jerry stands for fairness and equality and never ever backs down. We have every confidence that he will do the same as California's next Governor."

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