California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations Representing 80,000 Officers Endorses Attorney General Jerry Brown for Governor

Brown For Governor Campaign

SANTA ANA - Adding to the growing list of endorsements from California's law enforcement community, the California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA), representing 80,000 peace officers, announced today that they have endorsed Jerry Brown for Governor.

"Meg Whitman is attempting to cover up her non-existent record on fighting crime by launching dishonest and misleading attacks against Jerry Brown, the state's chief law enforcement officer," said CCLEA President and Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs President Wayne Quint. "Attorney General Jerry Brown's record on fighting crime speaks for itself. For decades, Jerry Brown has cleaned up our streets and as the state's top cop he has been tireless in his efforts to make our communities safe. We enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for Governor."

CCLEA represents 80,000 peace officers throughout the state and is California's largest umbrella organization of law enforcement associations. In fact, CCLEA represents more than 40 peace officer groups, including the California State Fraternal Order of Police, Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement, Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association, Los Angeles Schools Police Association, Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County, San Diego Police Officers Association, Kern Law Enforcement Association, Deputy Sheriff's Association of Santa Clara County, Riverside Deputy Sheriffs Association, San Jose Police Officers Association, Ventura County Professional Peace Officers Association and many others.

Today's announcement follows recent endorsements from the California Police Chiefs Association, whose members provide front line law enforcement services to more than three-quarters of the state's residents, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC).

As Governor, Jerry Brown signed hundreds of tough anti-crime measures, including laws compelling criminals to pay restitution to their victims, the ‘Use A Gun Go To Prison' law, and mandatory sentences for rape, sale of heroin and PCP, violent crimes against the elderly and child molestation. Brown also established and funded the Career Criminal Prosecution Program, the Career Criminal Apprehension Program and the Crime Resistance Task Force.

As Mayor of Oakland, Jerry Brown was a leader in the campaign to defeat Proposition 66, an attempt to dismantle California's three strikes law. Mayor Brown also implemented a variety of innovative crime-fighting strategies, including a curfew for parolees to prevent late-night violence. By the time he left office, Oakland's police force was over 800 strong, a 25 percent increase over 1998, and crime had dropped more than 13%.

As Attorney General, Jerry Brown has made California safer by aggressively prosecuting drug dealers, gang members and corporate criminals - all while reducing his operating budget by almost 10%. Brown's office has arrested more than 6,000 criminals, recovered 5,800 guns, closed 400 meth labs, and doubled the DNA database.

Brown's office is also cracking down on fraudulent home loan practices, loan modification companies, and investment rating firms. The Attorney General is going after companies profiting from the mortgage crisis and labor law violators, and has recovered more than half a billion dollars from Medi-Cal fraud and elder abuse cases. Brown's office even successfully thwarted the Bush Administration's attempt to gut California's robust environmental laws.

For more information on Jerry Brown's work as Attorney General, click here.

CONTACT: CCLEA President Wayne Quint, 714-269-9458

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