Brown Unveils Two New TV Ads Dispelling Whitman's Latest Lies

Brown For Governor Campaign

SACRAMENTO - Following another onslaught of lies, misinformation and deception by Meg Whitman, Attorney General Jerry Brown today unveiled two new television ads to set the record straight on his history of job creation and tax reduction as California's governor.

"Early on, Meg Whitman's army of highly paid consultants and handlers made the decision the only way they can win is to put her opponents through the wood chipper, truth be damned," said Brown Campaign Manager Steve Glazer. "We won't be pushed around."

The ads, which will run statewide, use animation to highlight the most recent in a series of distortions the Whitman campaign has made about Jerry Brown's record. The ads also present the facts - that when Brown was governor, he cut taxes by $4 billion and California created 1.9 million new jobs.

Whitman began advertising in the general election three days after the primary, with close to two-thirds of them negative ads attacking Brown.

Whitman's claims have been widely debunked by California media as well as watchdog groups. In fact, in just the past four days, the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and San Jose Mercury News, California Department of Finance and the founder of have exposed and deflated three more Whitman myths. This includes a misleading claim Whitman continues to peddle about state spending under Brown, a whopper about building regulations in San Jose that Whitman continues to fib about in her stump speech and her campaign's latest attack ad, which Whitman continues to air despite it being based on an erroneous news report.

"Meg Whitman has been called out for her falsehoods...her misleading ads...her cynical double talk...again and again and again," Glazer said. "Enough is enough."

Brown's two new television ads can be found at Full text of the ads are copied below:

TV Ad 403


Narrator: Wouldn't it be nice if every time Meg Whitman told a lie her nose would grow? Newspapers report that claims in this Meg Whitman ad are false, and she knows it. Taxes went down under Jerry Brown. But Whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.


TV Ad 404


Narrator: Meg Whitman's nose keeps growing. Whitman says California lost jobs under Jerry Brown. Turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. She spent millions saying Jerry Brown raised taxes. Fact is Brown cut four billion in taxes. But Whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.


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