Brown Proposes Series of Town Halls With Meg Whitman

Brown For Governor Campaign

LOS ANGELES – Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown proposed today that he and Republican nominee Meg Whitman hold 10 joint town hall appearances around the state to discuss job creation, schools and the state’s budget mess and to answer questions from voters.

"Partisan bickering and attack-dog politics have created an awful mess in Sacramento, and I think Meg and I now have an opportunity to change the tenor of politics in California by conducting a responsible campaign that shows the politicians that there is a better way to do business,” Brown told a news conference.

“I’m inviting Meg Whitman to join with me to run a campaign that will put the focus on town halls where each of us in an unscripted manner will discuss our positions and answer questions,” Brown said.

"Let’s tell people how we’ll manage their tax dollars, how we’ll hold down taxes, how we’ll make government work better and more efficiently, how we’ll fix our schools and how we’ll create jobs,” he added.

Brown suggested that he and Whitman have at least 10 joint town halls and said the first should begin within several weeks.

“We should hold them throughout the state, perhaps starting in San Diego or San Jose, and then hold sessions in Fresno, Anaheim, Oakland, Sacramento, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Francisco,” he said.  “I think we should have a variety of formats.  Some of the town halls could have a panel of reporters asking questions.  Others might have local teachers.  Some could have regular voters asking Meg and me whatever questions are on their minds.”

Brown said the series of town halls will give the voters a “full picture” of the two candidates for governor and make TV advertising less important.

“If I never see another political ad in my life, I’ll be happy,” he added. “And I’ll bet that most people feel the same way. The town halls will show the voters that we can act as adults and actually treat each other with respect. Meg and I may not agree on many issues, but we can at least tell the truth and explain how we would approach the job of governor.”

Brown said that the town hall meetings will allow voters to “see and hear” how the candidates intend to deal with California’s budget deficit and unemployment problem.
“We need to change the way of thinking in Sacramento and get the politicians to stop their constant partisan attacks. The politicians in Sacramento need to find some common ground, and that will be much easier if candidates conduct responsible, issue-oriented campaigns.”

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