Brown Pledges to Pull Negative Ads if Whitman Follows Suit

Brown For Governor Campaign

LONG BEACH - Appearing at the Women's Conference today Attorney General and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown pledged to pull his negative ads off the air and only run positive ads through Election Day, if his opponent, Meg Whitman, agrees to do the same.

"If she takes her negative ads - as reasonably defined - I'll take mine off, no question. If we do it together, no problem. I pledge that right now," said Brown speaking at the Women's Conference in Long Beach this afternoon.

The pledge came in response to a question from Matt Lauer, Co-Anchor of NBC's "The Today Show."

Brown reaffirmed the pledge shortly following the appearance, stating unequivocally, "I pledge to pull my negative ads off the air immediately and only run positive ads through Election Day if Meg Whitman agrees to do the same."


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