Brown Expands Media Campaign with Launch of New Radio Ad

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - Three days after launching his first television ad of the fall campaign, Attorney General Jerry Brown is broadening the scope of his outreach with radio ads running statewide today.

Brown's radio message to voters mirrors what they see on TV - Brown calling for state government to "live within our means, ........return power and decision-making to the local level, closer to the people, and no new taxes without voter approval."

"There is no doubt that California faces difficult choices," Brown said. "I believe if we pull together as Californians first, we bring back the prosperity that makes California the dream for so many."

The ad features highlights from Brown's time as governor, including his leadership in cutting taxes by $4 billion, the state's status as a world-leader in renewable energy and the creation of 1.9 million new jobs over eight years.

"Jerry Brown has the right strategy for California and the right message for California voters," said Campaign Manager Steve Glazer. "We will use every resource and every medium to make sure voters hear from Jerry and have enough information to make the right choice in November."

Whitman began advertising in the general election three days after the primary, and has run more than 45,000 ads since, with close to two-thirds of them negative ads attacking Brown. Whitman's claims have been widely debunked by California media as well as watchdog groups like

Brown's first radio ad can be found here. Full text of the ad is below:

Jerry Brown for Governor 2010


Announcer: Never accused of following conventional wisdom, Jerry Brown took on

the status quo. As Governor he refused to take a pay raise and vetoed pay raises for

state employees - dumped the Governor's mansion and the limo to save money. And

with Jerry Brown as Governor California was working. Four billion in tax cuts - 1.9

million jobs created. Jerry Brown has the knowledge and know-how to get California

working again.

Jerry Brown: As Governor, I was known for frugality. I thought if people were

cutting back, Government should too. Today our state is in serious trouble. We

need to make major changes - think differently and govern differently. By making

the tough decisions now, we can get California back on track. We have to start

living within our means. We need to return power and decision-making to the

local level, closer to the people. And no new taxes without voter approval.

Announcer: Jerry Brown. The knowledge and know how to get California

working again. Paid for by Brown for Governor 2010


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