Brown Denounces Oil-Addicting Proposition 23 and Calls on Whitman to Explain Double Talk

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NEWARK, Calif. - Appearing at the nation's largest, privately-owned solar and roofing company, Attorney General Jerry Brown today denounced Texas oil-funded Proposition 23, and called on Meg Whitman to be honest with Californians about her plans to dismantle the state's program to fight global warming.

"Meg Whitman talks a big game about the need for green innovation, jobs and technology, yet she's willing to quash the very program that has allowed for this industry's tremendous growth," Brown said. "Californians need to know that even if Proposition 23 fails, Meg Whitman plans to take the baton from the oil companies and roll back our clean air and energy standards."

Proposition 23 would suspend California's landmark program to combat global warming until unemployment reaches 5.5% for a full year - a mark hit only three times in the past thirty years.

Shelving the state's program would stunt the rapid growth of California's burgeoning green economy, threaten hundreds of thousands of clean tech jobs and roll back our clean air and energy standards.

Meg Whitman stated her opposition to Proposition 23 today, but has spent more than a year attacking California's landmark program, which was created when AB 32 was signed into law in 2006. Most recently, Whitman stated that if she were currently governor and the bill landed on her desk, she would veto it. This follows her previous vow to suspend key measures of the law, suggestion that she would junk the law in its entirety and statement that the law is a "job killer".

"Texas oil and Meg Whitman share the same goal: Dismantling California's innovative, first-in-the-world program to fight global warming and reduce oil dependency," Brown said. "Californians deserve leadership on this critical issue; not roadblocks, obfuscation and double talk."

As part of today's event, Brown toured the nation's largest privately-owned solar and roofing company, PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems, which has been designing and installing residential and commercial solar systems for more than 25 years.

In the past two years, the company has created an average of ten new jobs each month, largely because of strong environmental policies, which have increased the popularity and affordability of solar power systems. In total, the company employs more than 1,900 workers in California, including a former NUMMI employee, and has partnered with local community colleges to train and employ students interested in green technology. Last year, the company was named America's roofer of the year.

"My company is a prime example that California's commitment to fighting global warming can create jobs and grow our economy," said PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems CEO Jim Petersen. "If PetersenDean and the solar industry are going to thrive in California, we need leaders who are committed to moving the state forward, not those who stand in the way of progress."

Proposition 23 is being bankrolled almost exclusively by out-of-state oil companies including, Texas-based Valero Energy Corporation and Tesoro Corporation and Kansas-based Koch Industries.

As California's Attorney General, Brown has vigorously defended the state's clean energy and climate laws that are spurring billions of dollars in new investment, new businesses and new jobs. Recently, Brown sued Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac for blocking an innovative program (Property Assessed Clean Energy) embraced by half of California's counties to increase efficiency retrofits, install rooftop solar, and increase local jobs.

As Governor, Brown adopted the nation's first building and appliance efficiency standards, saving Californians $56 billion and creating 1.5 million green jobs over the past three decades. Brown also adopted the toughest anti-smog laws in the country, cutting air pollution by almost 50% while vehicle traffic increased 20% and established California as a leader in wind power, solar energy, and cogeneration.

Today's event follows an endorsement from the non-partisan California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) earlier this week.


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