Brown Campaign Responds to Whitman Attack Ad

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland – In response to the blatantly false and cynical attack ad released by Meg Whitman today, Brown campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford released the following statement:
More cynical negative attacks from a campaign that can't seem to tell the truth. Its politics as usual, backed by Wall Street billions. If Meg Whitman had ever bothered to vote, she might know that Jerry Brown cut taxes by billions of dollars, built up a surplus and created 1.9 million new jobs for Californians. If Whitman wants to discuss Jerry Brown's record, she should accept his invitation to 10 town halls and debate Jerry's accomplishments in person.
Whitman’s ad is 60 seconds of falsehoods – beginning with the claim the Brown was a big-spending governor. In fact, Brown decreased General Fund expenditures as a percentage of State Domestic Product more than any governor since economists began tracing SDP in 1963. Brown – well known for fiscal frugality – twice vetoed pay increases for state workers.

During Brown’s governorship, California provided nearly $16 billion in tax relief above and beyond the savings provided by the passage of proposition 13.
During Brown’s tenure as mayor of Oakland – consistent with Proposition 13 – more than two-thirds of the people of Oakland voted to raise additional revenue to put more police on the street, buy more text books and put more teachers in city classrooms. Brown presented budget choices to the city, and the citizens chose the services they wanted and were willing to fund.
The attack from Whitman also falsely claims that Brown’s actions led to a take-over of Oakland schools by the state. Multiple journalists have already proven her claims to be false. According to a KGO TV report, “OUSD admitted that Brown “played no part in the financial problems that led to the state takeover.”
Much as she did in the primary, Whitman believes that telling the same lies over and over will make them true. But the truth is, Meg Whitman didn’t vote for 28 years, left California for nearly a decade, and never lifted a finger to support the issues she trumpets now that she has decided to run for governor.

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