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OAKLAND, CA - The Brown for Governor campaign's Schuyler Hudak today issued the following statement in response to Meg Whitman's "Women for Whitman" Town Hall:

California women can't trust Meg Whitman to protect a woman's right to choose.

After she announced her campaign for Governor, Meg Whitman claimed she was pro-choice, and supported public funding for abortions.

A few months later, she was attacking Steve Poizner for having a 100% positive rating from Planned Parenthood.

She also brazenly sent out millions of mailers to Republican voters saying she opposes federal funding for abortion.

Organizations focused on women's reproductive health issues asked her to explain her changing positions, she refused.

California women can't trust Meg Whitman to protect a woman's right to choose.

For a politician to so brazenly flip-flop on such a fundamental issue for women is appalling.

But don't just take my word for it, call Amy Everitt at NARAL Pro-Choice California or Kathy Kneer at PPAC.

Amy Everitt at: (415) 890-1020
Kathy Kneer at: (916) 276-7946

Meg Whitman's Dishonest Direct Mail





Meg Whitman's History on Choice

Whitman Did A Complete 180 Degree-Spin On Federal Abortion Rights To Win The GOP Primary.

  • "I am pro-choice ... [abortion] needs to be available to all women, and whether you are rich or poor, you need to be able to access that right. And it's unfair to women who can not afford an abortion, and that's why I support public funding." [FlashReport, 10/15/09, accessed 9/6/10]
  • "Whitman told The Chronicle last year that she supports public funding for abortion." [San Francisco Chronicle, 5/14/10]
  • "We are holding a Meg Whitman for Guv mailer that's going to Republican households around the Golden State ... the mailer said that Whitman "opposes federal taxpayer funding of abortion." [San Francisco Chronicle, 5/21/10]
  • "Meg Whitman ... A Conservative Californians Can Count On ... OPPOSES federal taxpayer funding of abortion." [Whitman Campaign, "Do YOU Support Taxpayer-Funded Abortions?" Mailer]

Whitman Attacked Poizner For Being Pro-Choice After Calling Herself Pro-Choice.

  • Meg Whitman: "I am pro-choice. I am for a woman's right to choose." [FlashReport, 10/15/09, accessed 9/6/10]
  • "MEET THE REAL STEVE POIZNER ... 100% PRO-CHOICE RATING, Planned Parenthood Endorsed Poizner" [Whitman Campaign, "MEET THE REAL STEVE POIZNER" Mailer]
  • Steve Poizner "Campaigned as a Pro-Choice Liberal ... 100% Pro-Abortion Rating from Planned Parenthood" [Whitman Campaign, "Do YOU Support Taxpayer-Funded Abortions?" Mailer]
  • "STEVE POIZNER is pulling hard to the LEFT ... PRO-CHOICE 100%, Poizner Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, "I've been pro-choice my whole life.‟" [Whitman Campaign, "Liberal Steve Poizner" Mailer]
  • In Case You Missed It: Steve Poizner: Pro-abortion candidate ... "Steve Poizner is not just pro-choice; he received a 100 percent positive rating from Planned Parenthood. Yes, as a candidate just a few years ago, he not only sought the positive rating, he bragged about it during a debate at the time." [Whirman Campaign Website (now removed), In Case You Missed It: Steve Poizner: Pro-abortion Candidate, accessed via Google Cache 9/6/10]

Whitman Supports Rolling Back Rights For Young Women; Would Force Parental Consent.

  • "Girls under 16, parental consent should be required.‟ She said she voted in favor of Proposition 4, which would have required notification. The initiative failed." [San Francisco Chronicle, 2/13/09]
  • "I do support parental notification." [Speech at the California Republican Assembly Convention, accessed 9/6/10]


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