Brown Campaign Calls on CalChamber to Withdraw Misleading Ad

Brown for Governor Campaign

Oakland (April 7) – Jerry Brown Campaign Manager today called on the California Chamber of Commerce to withdraw its misleading ad attacking Jerry Brown. Within a day of the ad’s appearance, numerous Chamber Board members denied giving authorization to create it or Chamber dues to put it on the air.

Under the guise of an issue ad, the Chamber falsely ties Brown to job losses and budget shortfalls from the past two years, when California was led by a Republican governor. The ad hypocritically attacks Brown for his stance on Proposition 13, despite the Chamber endorsing Proposition 8, the alternative to 13, along with leaders like then-San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson, who now serves as Meg Whitman’s Campaign Chair.

“You would expect the Chamber to elevate the debate rather than perpetuate the mud slinging that has paralyzed Sacramento,” said Brown Campaign Manager Steven Glazer.

Under California law, candidates or groups trying to influence an election have to register with the Secretary of State and make regular disclosures of donations and expenses. By funding the attack ads through its general fund instead of a political action committee, the Chamber has circumvented the disclosure rules that apply to everyone else

 “Every organization running ads in this election has to tell the people where the money comes from,” Glazer said. “The Chamber has a political action committee, where they typically engage in fundraising and provide full public disclosure of their political engagement. To now claim that million of dollars of dues payment are suddenly available for this partisan attack is highly suspect. The Chamber should identify the entities that donated the ad funds and let the people evaluate their motives.”

Brown staffers spoke to more than two dozen Chamber Board members, and could not find one who had seen or approved the ad, or who had authorized spending more than $1.3 million in dues to run this negative ad Several members indicated they had written to Chamber President Alan Zaremberg demanding that the ads be withdrawn.

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