Brown Campaign Announces Launch of Meg-A-Myths Website

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - While Meg Whitman continues her campaign of distortions and lies about Jerry Brown with a new, false radio ad, Brown's Campaign this week launched a new website to document Whitman's biggest lies and flip-flops. The site,, went live Tuesday. In addition to a compilation of Whitman's biggest lies, you can read about the many falsehoods in her latest attack on Brown.

"Meg Whitman is either incapable or unwilling to tell the truth - about Jerry Brown, California or herself," said Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford. "If she won't, we will. And we'll put all the documentation of her lies in one convenient place."

Whitman's lies and distortions began immediately, as she falsely claimed in her first TV ad to have lived in California for 30 years. In fact, after moving to California to take one of the 1.9 million jobs created under Jerry Brown's leadership, Whitman returned to the East Coast where she was born, living in Boston for most of the 1990's.

From details like where she lived to critical issues facing California like worker furloughs (she was for them before she was against them) to immigration (she would let the Arizona law stand, but not in California) or the environment (she claims to support the goals of AB 32, but would repeal the law), there is no issue too large or small for Meg Whitman to lie about.

The top-five Meg-A-Myths include lies about her position on immigration, her residency, voting history, history of assaulting employees, and her relationship to investment bank Goldman Sachs.

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