Birthers, Meg Whitman Unite to Attack Brown

Brown For Governor Campaign

Oakland - The Small Business Action Committee (SBAC) - an organization run by paid Whitman endorser Joel Fox and right-wing "birther" James Lacy - today launched yet another round of false attacks against Jerry Brown.

"There are no surprises in this ad, just the same debunked distortions of Jerry Brown's record," said Brown campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford. "Joel Fox sold out to Meg Whitman and is trying to sell lies and distortions to California voters."

Fox and the SBAC accepted $10,000 from Meg Whitman in March of 2010, two days before the SBAC formally endorsed Whitman in a press release that included a quote from Fox.

Despite an overwhelming consensus that Meg Whitman's claims about Brown's record as Governor are false, the SBAC repeats the same falsehoods. The facts are that Brown decreased government spending as a percentage of State GDP, cut the state budget, and out-performed every governor who followed when it came to job creation.

Just who is it funding this most recent attack on Brown? Voters don't know, because the SBAC refuses to disclose the interests who funded the million-dollar ad buy. Is it the same Texas oil companies funding Proposition 23? Only Joel Fox knows, and he isn't saying.

We do know, however, who runs the SBAC with Fox. In addition to Fox, the SBAC is run by James Lacy, a well-known right-wing activist who is also a co-founder of the United States Justice Foundation, which has filed multiple lawsuits challenging President Obama's citizenship.

"I'm sure neither Meg Whitman nor Joel Fox want to admit their ties to 'Birthers', but there it is." Clifford said. "This ridiculous ad is right on the level of Lacy's absurd demands for the President's birth certificate."



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